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The stigma of 'prostitution' is a slur against women and an abuse of their human rights.

Sue M
Group Organizer
London, GB
It is a long neglected secularist issue.
Although the ECP does it's best and has done well in getting it on the agenda recently, I think the 'arguments' are still very sterile and one dimensional.
Mostly it is only the 'safety' issue that is being made - largely because that is the only one the media will cover.
Yet the secular/humanist organisations do nothing to support women's struggle against discrimination and the stigma and guilt put upon them by the patriarchal religions.

* The point needs to be made much more strongly, that women have a RIGHT to have sex with whoever they want, under whatever conditions they choose.

* It is a woman's woman's right to choose, autonomy, and a woman's 'worth' is not measured by her sexual choices. Our culture makes women very cheap.

* ALL Coercion is unacceptable and it is Coercion  that should be addressed not women's rights curtailed.

* Like most feminist and atheist issues, they are almost never fully discussed objectively in the media and women do little to support women's rights.

*  Women should take a lesson from the modern robust reaction of men, straight and gay  to any infringement of gay rights . The secular/humanist organisations do nothing.

* ECP is doing what it can with too little support from other women inclusding women atheists who see the other aspects of relgious m.

Women sex workers are no more 'prostitutes' than anyone else who sells their services, and far less deserving of stigma than the thousands of expensively trained professionals,  men and women ho charge as much as they can get out of reach of  poor who need their expensive services.

A former member
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What about buying women drinks then? Last women I wanted to date wanted me to buy her stuff all the time I soon dropped her out. (My company is worth just as much as hers, I am not privileged being in female company, so I don't have to pay for it.)

I have never been in a relationship where I haven't had to pay. Romance is transactional. Why does a man buy a woman a wedding ring? Why do a lot of women expect a expensive wedding when they get married? Is the man just a provider object?

If romance is transactional why is it wrong with prostitution.

I think prostitution is degrading to men, some men are so desperate for intimacy that they will pay for it, that they will admit they are infeiror to the woman and hand over money to them. I

So the high class prostitute who costs a lot of money and is well off, doing it out of her free will is being degraded?
Sue M
Group Organizer
London, GB
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I have to agree that if women really want equality, they have to recognise how they have been 'trained' by circumstances, to take up a subservient role in order to survive their lesser physical strength and the disadvantage of their allocated role of child bearer, sexual goddess and domestic factotum. But these tactics are not only used by women, men too 'subject' themselves with wiles and emotional blackmail, to be looked after. But it is women, most of whom cannot be financially independent who have to comply with the demands of men. This subservient position is illustrated perfectly in the expectation that a man buys the drinks!

This post is also correct in pointing out that marriage itself is a form of prostitution, exchanging her services for reward. As are one night stands, and other relationships that encourage women to compete for the best providers.

Unfortunately there are feminists too who do not accept this and continue to support the harassment and punishment of women who dare to give sex a monetary value but not as selling their entire lives. A point that many women who oppose a woman's right to charge for sex seem to miss. All consensual sex between adults should be a matter of choice and safety.

The default position must be mutual respect not the distorted attitudes of an all-loving father god in religious brotherhoods that demand worship subservience and obedience of women.
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