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Atheist Perspectives - How religion has undermined education, used it to promote its prejudices and discrimination and teach its distorted ideas and attitudes to individuals and society.

Word file 116K Sue M Jul 8, 2011

What amazes me is why we are still asking this question

Still asking: 'is religion a good thing for Britain today?"?'

a .docx file 48K Sue M Jun 1, 2011

Jesus Rising Quiz

You would think they would have got it right by now, or does distance lend enchantment?

Word file 31K Sue M Apr 21, 2011

The Ultimate Tyranny

"Is freedom a religious idea?" asks Paula Kirby in the Washington Post. A brilliant outline of the evidence that refutes this false claim.

Word file 28K Sue M Feb 18, 2011

I would love to read this book......

Links to precis of historically important books of interest to atheists..........wh­ere they exist!

a .docx file 16K Sue M Nov 22, 2010


Quotations used in Jonathan Miller's 'A Brief History of Disbelief'

HTML file 54K Sue M Aug 23, 2010


Why are the patriarchal religions against homosexuality?

Word file 36K Sue M Aug 7, 2010

Ideas for inclusive assemblies

How much more interesting it would be for teachers and children to have assemblies that do not centre on religion - communal events that include everyone and teach children how to think and discuss issues and not just listen and obey.

Word file 125K Sue M Jul 23, 2010


"Evangelical Tory MP found to be having affair" refers.

Adobe Acrobat file 316K Richard Jun 14, 2010


Academic Jay Ginn questions the idea that the subservience of women to men is 'natural' - part of god's plan for gender roles and relationships of men and women, promoted by the monotheistic religions for millenia.

a file 31K Sue M Jun 10, 2010

Conference on Humanism & Politics

My view of IPPR Conference on 'The State of Faith' Chaired by Laurie Taylor in 2006

Word file 39K Sue M Apr 7, 2010


Advocacy as a necessary part of a modern, post religious, secular, altruistic society with links to the more recent development of specific 'Advocacy' services for vulnerable people. Bromley Group Discussion - Feb 9th

Word file 35K Sue M Feb 6, 2010


Announcement of this years camps

Word file 40K Sue M Jan 29, 2010

3xXmas views

Three comments on Xmas from an atheist POV before it is shelved for another year

Word file 28K Sue M Dec 19, 2009

Quotations Quiz

Quotations from philosophers, presidents and even the hoi polloi.

Word file 32K Sue M Dec 10, 2009

Christopher Hitchens on The God Delusion

'Must read' review of one giant by another - short and to the point.

Word file 22K Sue M Dec 9, 2009



HTML file 13K Sue M Nov 30, 2009

ECP Thanks

Prostitution "Reactionary Crime Bill goes through but anti-criminialisatio­n movement grows"

Word file 35K Sue M Nov 24, 2009

An Atheist Manifesto of Entitlements

A simple document that would show the general public how modest, moderate and reasonable the demands of atheists and secularists are - compared with the demands of religions that everyone comply with their particular brands of beliefs and doctrines.

Word file 27K Sue M Nov 23, 2009

Holy texts and lineage are no way to assemble state schools

Simon Jenkins on religious selection in state schools.

Word file 40K Sue M Nov 1, 2009


Compassion? Four letters that show the hypocrisy of Western politics, religion and the media

Word file 23K Sue M Sep 6, 2009

Faith Based Welfare

How our government colluded to put the church 'at the heart of the community'

Word file 32K Sue M Aug 1, 2009


Updated Files Index (Thanks to Saleema)

Word file 64K Sue M Jul 27, 2009

Wearing the Niqab

My answers to the excuses and justifications for full face covering are as poor and incomplete as you would expect, and they still have to be challenged. Would you like to add to this document?

Word file 33K Sue M Jul 24, 2009


The French Priest who left a bombshell for his congregation

HTML file 6K Sue M Jul 19, 2009

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