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No wonder they believed in miracles!

HTML file 3K Sue M Feb 1, 2009

David Attenborough

David Attenborough on Atheism

Word file 21K Sue M Jan 31, 2009


A very concise time line on the process with short comments.

HTML file 27K Sue M Jan 26, 2009

One Law for All

Links to interviews, Video & supporters list

Word file 48K Sue M Dec 16, 2008

Belief and the Brain

Brain, Body and Belief Scientific links to the origins of god belief

Word file 31K Sue M Dec 4, 2008

How Britain Should Respond to Islam

Ouline of discussion

Word file 21K Sue M Nov 23, 2008

Humanist Strategy

How do positive atheists fit into humanist groups - are they compatible?

Word file 23K Sue M Nov 21, 2008

Faith Primary Schools; Better Schools or Better Pupils

Adobe Acrobat file 661K Richard Nov 2, 2008


Apologetics from Muslims for any criticism of Islam

HTML file 7K Sue M Nov 1, 2008

Michael Wills Letter

Poor arguments for government policy on Bishops in the House of Lords

Word file 27K Sue M Oct 29, 2008

LSS launched by NSS

NSS Launches Lawyers Secular Society

Word file 43K Sue M Oct 21, 2008


Adobe Acrobat file 253K Richard Sep 23, 2008


Leviticus on homosexuality and other 'abominations' with appropriate punishments.

Word file 29K Sue M Sep 23, 2008

The Importance of Secularism in the Peace Movement

Secularism is an essential on any political agenda if peace is to replace sectarian aggression and macho culture.

Word file 20K Sue M Sep 21, 2008

God on Trial

An review of this terrific play. I hope you see it and if you disagree with me start a discussion on the Message Board. on the message board.

Word file 29K Sue M Sep 4, 2008


'Accord'- Nice idea - pity about the BHA policy on Religious Instruction in schools

Word file 26K Sue M Sep 2, 2008


A Draft Policy Document for proposals to ensure secular education in Britain's schools

Word file 21K Sue M Sep 1, 2008

Humanist Anthology

Margared Knight's introduction to A brilliant resource - an anthology of quotations compiled from 69 individuals - from Lao Tzu (6th BCe China) to 1961.

Word file 31K Sue M Aug 20, 2008

RE as Cultural Learning

Richard Dawins defends RE as necessary to cultural learning and specifically in the understanding of literary history. Dare I suggest that as much as I admire and respect him, he is not necessarily right on everything! Discuss.

Word file 25K Sue M Aug 16, 2008

Pay Gap

Powerpoint. Women's inequality in pay and pensions makes most women 'dependents' - not on the state but as the dependents of the man - father, husband or partner, who is supposedly responsible for her upkeep, a status based on ownership.

PowerPoint presentation 268K Sue M Aug 9, 2008


An outline of the basic issues for anyone unfamiliar with this long running campaign against the promotion of religion in schools, especially state schools that indicates the collusion of church and state.

HTML file 5K Sue M Aug 8, 2008

State-Church relationship in Poland - Maciej

PowerPoint slideshow 648K Maciej (. Jul 19, 2008


The Ten Commandments A brief and admirably concise critique of this list of Christian Values that shows how poor it is in terms of modern, more secular, relativist view of human values.

HTML file 9K Sue M Jul 5, 2008

Unveiling the Truth

Do we have 'shared values' as the religions claim? They use the same language, but do they mean the same thing? And if so, why do they think that patriarchy and paternalism is 'natural' and oppose every campaign for women's rights and independence?.

Word file 37K Sue M Jun 30, 2008


If there are 'atheist values', do we count as progressives - along with other groups in the population who have traditionally had their rights, freedom and equality curtailed by religion and patriarchy?

HTML file 4K Sue M May 14, 2008

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