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Magic the Gathering

user 26777172
Savannah, GA
Post #: 10
I use to be a wonder kid at MtG

It is addictive and fun and I wish I could say inexpensive (I can't but I wish I could). It draws you in with the easily affordable initial cost then you realize you have to spend more and more money not because an ubber deck cost you ubber money but b/c you want to own them all.

It's like a weird Pokemon line I know but so true...I haven't played since Future Sight so it has been a while and right before moving I sold my sacred cards of life--my powers.

But there is always an itch for MtG. And I absolutely love beating men who think girls can't play.

I was thinking of getting a box and holding an informal draft. The cost would be divided by what I paid. Probably guessing around 15 or less for three packs-just depends on what deal I can get and I will try an old hook up but we will see...

Drafts are great for ppl who want to learn how to play and for ppl who have played and for those of you like me who need to learn how to play with some of the new mechanics.

Basically it is an even playing field for everyone.

So who is interested in having a one time draft.

For those of you interested in the winnings: here is how I would run it like it or makes it better for beginners.

At the end everyone antes up their gold--yes rare and mythic rares even if you get two in your pack [stop whining this instance about it!]

For those unfamiliar with MtG:

15 cards per booster: 1 rare, 3 uncommons and 11 commons; Core Set boosters contain a basic land as one of the commons. Starting with the Shards of Alara block, booster packs for both Core Sets and Expansions began to contain 1 land, 10 commons, 3 uncommons, either 1 rare (7/8 chance) or 1 mythic rare (1/8 chance), and either a tip card (which explains the new rules in the set, such as exalted in the Alara Block or Infect in the Scars of Mirrodin Block) or a token (which is of a type produced by a card in the set). Also, roughly one in every four booster packs contain a foil card, which can be of any rarity, including basic land. Since foil cards replace a common, no matter what the rarity of the foil, it means that there is a chance that a booster pack could contain 2 rares, a rare and a mythic rare, or even 2 mythic rares. Also, the presence of a foil card means that there is a chance that there are two of the same card in the booster pack (one foil and one regular), which would not occur otherwise.
Note: Innistrad boosters, first released in September 2011, contain a slightly different proportion of cards due to the introduction of double-faced cards. In Innistrad boosters one of the 10 commons is replaced by a double-sided card. This double-sided card can be of any rarity and either regular or foil, with the likelihood of a specific card being present depending on its rarity. Also, there is roughly a 3/4 chance that the basic land will be replaced by a checklist. Finally, non-double-sided foil cards may still be present, probably still in roughly 1/4 of the boosters.[1]
6 cards booster: 5 random cards which may be common, uncommon, rare, or mythic rare. Includes 1 basic land and either a card containing an explanation of a magic the gathering keyword (i.e. first strike, chroma, hybrid mana symbols) or a token creature card.

Usually this ends up with each person originally opening a pack having one rare and so there will be three per person (with mythical rares there is a chance there might be more but don't hold your breath). So whether you use them in your drafted cards, hoard them from others in your sideboard, at the end you ante them all up no matter what place you came in.

Winner picks first out of all of them, second selects the next card and so on then it starts over...this allows two things; (1) no one person getting the best of all (2) allows new players and people who didn't do so well to get cards worth what they paid and a better chance at a decent card which they clearly need.


It makes it fair...................

Always worked out.................and people tended to like it.

So we need at least four people: Sophie, Me, who else????


To begin a booster draft you must buy 3 booster packs and you may have to small prize support fee. Cost is around $10-15.00. When the draft is set to begin you will be seated at a table of four, sometimes more, and get ready to open your first pack. When instructed to do so you open your first pack and select one card that will become part of your deck, You pass the rest of your cards to your left and repeat the same process. Once the first pack is completed you repeat the same process but pass to your right instead. Finally, with the last pack, you pass to your left again.

Once you have selected all your cards, 45 in total, you may begin constructing your deck. Your deck must contain a minimum of 40 cards, including basic lands. Usually they will be provided but if you are not sure it is always a good idea to bring some. Basic lands are the only cards you may use in your deck that were not selected by you in your draft.

After deck construction, you will be seated for round one of the tournament. At this point on rules follow typical constructed tournament rules. All matches are best out of three. Drafts are either single elimination or round robin. In single elimination play continues until only one winner remains.

Draft Strategy
Draft strategy can simply be described with the acronym B.R.E.A.K. Piick cards in this order of importance.

Break-Bombs. Any card that can single handedly win a game on it's own. These are usually taken first pick and almost never last beyond second pick. On the second and more often third pack they may be passed to you because the card does not fit in the deck of the person passing to you.
Removal-Cards that remove threats from the game. In a draft there are going to be bonbs that you must deal with. If you can't remove your opponents threats you are almost sure to lose.
Evasion-Evasion is for cards that can protect themselves somehow. Things like flying, shroud, fear, etc..
Abilities-Cards with triggered or activiated abilities that make them more usefull than plain vanilla cards.
Krap-avoid it but at the end everyone has a bit.

You don't want to be building the same kind of deck as the person passing to you. This is where reading comes into play and basic strategy.

For the first few picks of the first pack you will simply take cards available that you like or that you don't want someone else to have no matter how they fit together. Soon a pattern will emerge based on what kind of cards are being passed to you.

By the time you get to the second pack your opponent should have noticed what you are not passing to him. This should mean that you are handed very strong cards by him. Furthermore, your opponent to your left is also going to know by now what kind of deck you are building.

By third pack your deck should be becoming very strong and your main focus should be shoring up any weaknesses. If you are low in cheap creatures, or fatties now is the time to make sure you get them. Picking the best card becomes far less important then picking the cards that are going to help your deck the most.

A former member
Post #: 34
Jessica, I'm game and would love to play.
I'll need a quick walk-through on the rules (I've only played a handful of times, and awhile back at that), but

I'm game if you are.

(I've also been playing Game of Throne's living card game if that's of any interest to you.)

Looking forward to it!


user 8251299
Long Beach, CA
Post #: 19
I have a nice cache of MTG cards. I don't play anymore, but I wouldn't mind loaning the cards out to someone who wants to barrow them.
A former member
Post #: 1
Hi everyone! Not sure if this is still an active discussion, but I really enjoy Magic and would love to play with some new people.
A former member
Post #: 392
If I can make a recommendation at the next St. Crispin's Irregulars Hobby Day in May. There usually is a good group of card and board Game players. MTG has been a staple game there.

It would be awesome to see some from this club join us for fun.
user 8251299
Long Beach, CA
Post #: 29
Hi folks, I've scheduled an MTG meetup:­

If you guys like it, it can become repeating.
A former member
Post #: 42
Sophie, what's the best way to start? I know there's different sets and settings available--- is there a particular starter deck or anything like that that I can grab?

user 8251299
Long Beach, CA
Post #: 30
Hey Randy, there are some MTG starter, and IIRC they are relatively inexpensive (can be had for under $20).
A former member
Post #: 44
relatively inexpensive

That's 4 IPAs!!!

I can't make the May session, but I'll pick-up a deck and look forward to seeing you all in arcanic duels of epic proportion sometime very soon.

A former member
Post #: 36
there is a totally new game store that just opened. It's called the Amber Game Zone. Dude's the place is massive over 4,600 feet of open tables for gaming. They have lots of MTG and miniatures and Clix and board gaming. They are open everyday till 2 AMbiggrin

Just thought I would share info. My buddy and I played Draft games there recently.

The place is at 2445 E. Orangethorpe in Fullerton Ca.

they have a phone 858-888-3501

Great place for any club to hang out and play MTG or anything else.
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