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Paul T.
Longmont, CO
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I've spent the better part of a decade working on elections systems. Part of the Rage Against the Machine in our county and overall in opposition to Black Box Voting. I like paper ballots. Paper ballots appears to be Luddite and reduces tech employment - so we won't see it anytime soon ...

The Plurality system of voting that we currently use in the US is fraught with problems. These troubles are amplified with lower voter turn out, and any race with more than two candidates. The dissatisfaction of voters is more evident in small board elections. They are forced to vote with a Winner Takes All mentality which causes Strategic Voting.
Best explained here The Center for Election Science

As recently as the 1980s most volunteer fire depts used a Black Ball voting system, which is Dis-Approval Voting.
When Tajikistan elected its first parliament, Dis-Approval Voting was used by voters to remove people they didn't want in office (cross them off the ballot).

I've personally been involved in how legislation is 'cooked' and staffers manipulating the leadership with as few choices as possible. The result is always a binary vote - pick one.
This comes home to roost with voters when ballot issues are reduced to a BINARY choice, while staff researchers may have three excellent plans to present. An elections board or some deity will decide what appears on the ballot - with a dedicated 'yes' or 'no'.


We make a series of decisions that steer project and people. Plurality voting allows ONE CHOICE and the group may want to understand the overall direction - rather than a BINARY value.
Reasonably, voters should be permitted to vote for None of the Above. NOTA indicates dissatisfaction with the choices given. If NOTA were to win, or draw a large showing, the drafters of the idea could go back to the drawing board.

Approval Voting is one option. Instant Run-off Voting has also gained some popularity, but I find overly complex and seek KIS. (the luddite in me)
We'd be in good company using AV

I ask that decisions within the group employ a system other than "Choose One" and that None of the Above always be an option for people with a better idea.
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