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Mirror and Crystal Scrying!

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What is Scrying?

Scrying is the name given to numerous techniques in which symbols and images are perceived in what would be considered a random pattern, or in which symbols or images appear as visions, which manifest to the person doing the Scrying.
Scrying is more often used as a form of divination, but can also be described as a form of self hypnosis, that allows the practitioner to have visions of symbols which helps them to create changes in their consciousness which in turn allows them to gain better insights into the workings of the world around them. For this Tattvas, Tarot cards, Sigils, Geomantic figures or any other symbolic image can be used as entrance-ways or "Astral Doorways" allowing the magician to explore the associated astral landscape. The astral realms permeate and underlie the physical realms in which we live in and by exploring them we can gain insights which will help us develop spirituality and better understand the workings of the physical world.

Mirror Scrying!

Mirrors have long been used in magical practices and provide a very effective medium for scrying in. Although any mirror can be used, magicians and Witches usually make or obtain "dark" mirrors, usually made from black glass or crystal.
Making your own scrying mirror can be a magical experience in itself. They can be made using a large glass clock face or from an inexpensive glass picture frame. Paint the back of the glass with black enamel paint, allowing it to dry for a few hours. You can then decorate the back or frame if you want. Once completed, purify, consecrate and charge it for use and keep it wrapped in a natural cloth. Be aware, and do not expose to sunlight.

Crystal Scrying!

The best known form of scrying is that of crystal gazing, where a crystal ball is used for visions of the future. Crystal Balls were mostly made from quartz crystal as well as beryl or obsidian and lead crystal .

How To Scry!

Very few people find scrying easy to learn from the start. It involves dedication and perseverance to get good results, even thpose that have natural ability to scry benefit from honing their skills for better results.


Find a quiet space to work in. Block out any outside noise with some music if necessary. Work in a dark room illuminated with one candle, to remove visual distractions.


Relax your body, focus your mind and regulate your breathing, slowing it down. Focus your eyes on the centre of the object and do not let your mind wander from it. Youn may see clouding or imagesappear on the surface of the mirror or crystal. There may be changes in colour or images may appear on or bellow thwe surface. You may see symbolic images, quick pictures flashing, hear messages or even get general impressions. Keep focused and if you need to, record the images in a notebook as you scry. You can then interpret the results after , and you can do this by keeping your own tables of correspondences.

Have Fun!
Blessed Be!
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