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quietest breeds?

user 10791150
Los Angeles, CA
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I have a black star, easter egger, barred rock, and golden lace wyandotte.
Each girl take turns talking and otherwise making noise that disturbs my neighbor.
I am wondering which egg laying breeds are known for being the quietest?
I want egg layers, prefer that they are friendly, get along with people and each other and not flighty.
Are bantams generally quieter? Do they tend to be flighty?
Max M.
user 14094288
Los Angeles, CA
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My easter eggers were incredibly noisy girls while my buff orpington was relatively mellow.
Roberta K.
user 10948851
Los Angeles, CA
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My coop with rhode island red, easter egger, leghorn and english game hens are all super loud and bossy. Whatever you do, don't get game hens. They make a crazy cackling noise and for such a small bird, the noise travels.

The rhode islands with our rooster don't make any noise except when they lay so i think they let him make all the noise.

I have a black copper marans which doesn't seem to know how to make noise. Maybe they are more mellow.... The rooster goes a whole day without crowing and the next minute he crows for about a couple of minutes then that's it for the day. Not sure if they are known for being quiet but they seem that way.
Laura B.
Group Organizer
Norco, CA
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Roberta is right, my game bantams are so noisy and they are also very broody, which obviously makes them noisy... so I would say stay away from broody hens...

About half of mine are bantams and I would say they are not quieter than bigger hens... most of my bantams have game in them and they are all very noisy... but they are also very spoiled and scream at the top of their lungs calling me...

My quieter ones are the RIR's who also, like Roberta's, make noise only to lay... but they can be VERY noisy during this period...

let us know what you decide...
Laura B.
Los Angeles, CA
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My Buff Orpingtons are much quieter than my Silver Laced Wyandottes. I have heard roosters whose crows were quieter than one of my SLW's yelling. She makes sure that everyone knows that she has opinions.

Keep in mind that there are going to be extremely quiet individuals of even the noisiest breeds and loud individuals of the quietest. I am sure there are people out there who curse how loud their BO is and others who rarely hear a peep from their SLW. The best way to make sure that you are not going to wind up with a loud bird is to get it when it is a young adult, and pick only birds that you observe being quiet.

For my SLW, there were signs. When I was moving the chicks from the shipping box to the brooder, she bit me hard. Even as a day-old chick she was opinionated and bossy, and that has not changed.
Sunland, CA
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I love this thread! It's very helpful because I am just starting my quest to start with a small group of hens for eggs and would like to know which people have observed being the quietest, and for me best natured over all, as they will be pets.
I have heard the best overall things about the Orpingtons.
Is there anyone here who has any experience with the heritage breeds? I'm very interested in looking into those more extensively.
Long Beach, CA
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My buff brahma never makes noise. My buff orpingtons are pretty quiet. My perpetually broody silkie is noisy!
Elaine J.
Los Angeles, CA
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My Black Australorps are very quiet, only making noise right after they lay. They are a variant of Buff Orpingtons, so they have a similar personality. They are not only not noisy, they get along with each other very well. I'm adding a pullet next week, and I'll be watchful to make sure they adjust without any fighting - particularly since one of my hens has a bad leg and would have a problem defending herself - but everyone says not to worry, this breed is very docile. It was described as "docile" when I want looking for chickens, in the first place. They're also great layers. I'm crazy about them
Sunland, CA
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Great info Elaine, thank you!
Where did you originally get your Australorps?
Elaine J.
Los Angeles, CA
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Hi, Ann ...

I got my sister Australorps on this site! Someone decided he didn't want to raise chickens, after all, and I ran to his home to pick them up. I had researched the breeds and this was the breed I wanted. The girls were pullets and started laying about 2 weeks after I got them. I'm adding a pullet that I'm buying from Dare 2 Dream Farms, in Lompoc. They're delivering her this week. I can't wait!
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