Karen K.
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Hi all: I am looking for 4 eggs cartons that I can personalize. Any suggestions? i have found lots of 6 eggs, but not 4.
Los Angeles, CA
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hmmmmm . . . . since eggs have been traditionally sold in dozens and half-dozens, 4 is not a natural number. But you might be able to cut full dozen cartons into thirds . . . 'course that leaves the middle section with open ends. Maybe you could wrap it in tissue and tie it off somehow, or use saran wrap . . . Sorry I don't have a better idea - good luck with this one! Let us know if you find a source.
Margie L.
Los Angeles, CA
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I use the six egg cartons and put something else in the extra two spots. Usually it's chocolate kisses or some type of candy, but it depends on who I'm giving it to. I've also used Kraft bags with straw inside to protect the eggs. It's not as safe as cartons, but I haven't had any break that way. I love giving eggs as gifts and I go a little crazy on the presentation!
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I understand that is hard to find the perfect egg container. I searched for a long time until I found something I liked, but I was just looking for a half dozen size. Like Cynthia, I have only seen 12 and 6 egg size cartons at most of the retailers in the US.

It is not an actual egg carton, but before I got chickens myself, I received home raised eggs from a friend. She put the eggs in recycled strawberry baskets. It was kind of cute. Her basket just had a pretty paper napkin on the bottom, but you could put artificial grass or a pretty fabric scrap. A strawberry basket would be easy to attach a nice homemade tag to with raffia.

I personally use the clear recycled plastic PET cartons. I buy mine from McMurray Hatchery. They can be dozen size or they are easily perforated to separate to half dozen size. They come with sheets of blank stickers I can print my own logo or images on. I especially like that they are easy to wash because most of our friends return them for a refill.

Look around on Etsy and folks are selling them to crafters at a premium. Here is one that carries 4 egg size cartons, at Etsy. She also sells a cute 3 egg size in the shape of heart.

Omlet has 2 x 2 egg cartons for sale, too, but it has their logo on it.

When looking through google images, I found other wholesalers of 4 pcs egg cartons in China, but they have huge minimums, like 5000+, and more often 500,000 minimum pcs.
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