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Chicken Health Speaker Ideas

Roberta K.
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Los Angeles, CA
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Anyone have an idea about who would be a good speaker at our home chicken health and home remedies meetup? Laura and Marty, it's probably too far for you guys but you are always so helpful. Or at least some thoughts on the basics. I tried vets in Long Beach but didn't get a response. Other ideas of vets that would go to Cheviot Hills.

I'm thinking
Skin parasites: DE vs wood ash vs dust baths
Internal parasites: apple cider vinegar vs cayanne pepper vs DE
Egg laying health: egg shells, oyster shells, BOSS

Things to watch out for and how to avoid:
egg bound
sour crop
bumble foot, fatty liver
exposure to poisoned rodents
respiratory illness
predator attacks

Chicken First Aide kit:
shower handle
blow dryer
dawn liquid or other appropriate soap
syringe for giving fluids
heat lamp
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Los Angeles, CA
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I've had a good experience with Dr. Teresa Micco of Pt. Vicente Animal Hospital.
Dr. Micco is also listed under the South Bay Bird Society (current?)
Laura B.
Group Organizer
Norco, CA
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hello Roberta,
thank you for thinking of me - I would be so honor to go and join you guys - but yes, I'm SOO far and really, I would not mind driving there at all, if it wasn't for my flock - I don't have the stomach to sacrifice them even for one day - if I'm not home, they can't roam freely - I just love them so much :)

I would be more than happy to give you ideas, but it looks like you already got an awesome list!!! AND I'm sure Marty could you give you so much more than I - plus there are many here with awesome ideas too, like Susan, Brandi, Cynthia, for example... just to mention some of the regulars :)

It's too late for me now can't think straight, but I will be back to see if there is anything else I can think of - but quickly, on the 'first Aid Kit", I would add, neosporin, vaseline, AND one of these:
Optical Magnifier Visor
I was going to add a separate topic to suggest this to all of you - it IS AWESOME - maybe other visors have more power, but this has helped me so much already. This was one of the benefits the nurse who came to check my flock left me with - she wore one of these and suggested I got one - Allows you to really see the almost invisible lice and stuff inside the feathers of our flock -

Also, I think we should all be ready in case of an evacuation - I know it seems to dramatic, but I could not leave my family behind so cages or boxes exclusively for that purpose probably is a good idea to have --- as well as towels...

Also, sadly, there are cases where we need to send them to heaven... I only used it once in a extreme circumstance, but if they are suffering lots, I say keeping a tank of helium, done the right way, they don't suffer or even realize what is happening, it's very quick...

also, as many have pointed out in the past, we need a 'hospital' cage or place where we can keep them while they heal... it's hard enough to deal with a sick bird and if we are not prepare with some of these things, it gets more challenging :)

ok, need to go... good night all,

Brandi G
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Pasadena, CA
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Nu-stock treats many of the issues listed and I've had good luck with using it when I had the little fowl pox episode this last summer. It stopped it in its tracks and healed within about 2 weeks.

It's also effective on mites and lice, it smothers them, essentially. I've not confirmed this personally but the BYC forums were singing its praises for scaly leg mites and some other nasties.

Something worth keeping in the first aid kit.
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