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Very sick chicken

Barbara H.
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Monrovia, CA
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I'm having a chicken disaster. One died 6 weeks ago, egg bound. Another would not lay eggs with hard shells no matter how much calcium was available, but two weeks ago she stopped laying altogether (at about 2 1/2 to 3 years --don't know she's a rescue), much to my relief. My third (of four, now three) is a pullet. She hasn't laid an egg for six weeks after going gangbusters for the first two weeks of her laying life. I read all I could, wrote people and then chalked it up to grief over the death of the other chicken. She was fine yesterday. This morning, she was lying in the coop, neck twisted so that her head was on its side with one eye looking at me. I isolated her and had to go to work after giving her some pedilyte. Came home and she is much sicker, head upside down, beak up in the air, eyes closed. I've given her vitamins, vitamin e and electolytes. She started opening an eye occasionally, but I have to prop her head up on a towel. The really bad news is I have to go to San Diego in the morning and leave her. I don't know how people handle all this. It's been a huge learning curve and I'm still mostly in the dark fearing I'm missing something. And I'm sad. I'm afraid she's eaten something. I know everyone says tomato plants aren't toxic but she managed to eat part of one yesterday that had grown through the enclosure to keep out chickens. Or does she have Merk?
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Los Angeles, CA
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Barbara, I don't know the answer but I understand your dilemma and the impacts of schedules and commitments.
Barbara H.
user 25584672
Monrovia, CA
Post #: 34
I'm sorry for ranting when what I really needed was advice. My girl is still alive today with the same symptoms:
found her at the bottom of the coop yesterday morning. Can't or doesn't stand up. Head tilted awkwardly toward the side with one eye looking straight up. Cant feel anything in her body, no egg stuck. Progressed to head being now upside down, eyes closed beak pointed up. no poop for over 24 hours. legs were hot, seem better now. Now will occasionally open her eyes and flap a wing.

I am feeding multivitamins and vitamin e now along with electrolytes.
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