Roberta K.
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Los Angeles, CA
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Thanks to Susan posting that she would have ducklings, I looked up backyard ducks and found this great backyard option. I'm going to start building now!!

Here is the instructables link. http://www.instructab...­
Karen C.
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Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA
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That is the cutest! I volunteer at Torrance Memorial and there is a duck couple that continually swim in the little hospital fountain...a bit smaller than this. Very clever idea!
Susan J.
Los Angeles, CA
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So clever! And that's a pretty duck.. possibly a Cayuga? I considered getting a kiddie pool (I hear they have good prices at Toys R Us), however I went with a large, sturdy cement mixing tub from Home Depot. It's 24.5" x 36" x 8" or 10" deep. It's just the right size where I can lift it sideways to empty it easily, whereas a kiddie pool would be too big for that. You'd need to empty the water every few days with a bucket or a pump. The tub I got is roomy enough so they can completely immerse themselves under water, splash, do a little lap around, flap their wings as they clean, swim a little. I like the length and width. They prefer that over depth it seems. The adults get in and out by themselves very easily, even my petite domestic Mallard. For the ducklings, I've placed 2 bricks inside the tub and 2 outside the tub for them to climb in and out :) $13 for the tub at Home Depot, about .40 for bricks. If I could find a good filtration system, I'd consider getting a little pond, but I hear they're very hard to keep clean. So far, my tub is working well for 4 ducks :)
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This structure is very interesting!! I have 3 ducks, and water, mud and duck poop patties are a management issue for sure. Susan is right about the difficulties of a artificial pond and ducks. They LOVE to poop in the water, so the ability to dump the pool easily and quickly to refresh it is a paramount concern. I carry the water to a needy plant in the garden, to minimize creating swampy areas in their living space. My ducks have 2 galvanized oil drain pans---about 2 feet across, 4 inches deep, from Malibu Feed. They have a sturdy 1 inch lip around the edge that the birds actually like to perch on getting in and out. Ducks have very fun and happy, affectionate personalities, and each of mine is quite different.
Susan J.
Los Angeles, CA
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Hi Susan R, nice to meet a fellow duck owner! Post photos of your ducks and set up, we'd love to see what you've put together.. helps all of us with ideas :) What breeds of ducks do you have? How many? I have a female domestic mallard, a male Rouen (flightless cousin of the mallard), their two babies hatched July 5th 2013, and I've got 2 hatchlings being delivered July 30th from Metzer Farms, a Buff Orpington and a Fawn & White Indian Runner.

I just uploaded some photos in one of the generic albums here to share with you guys (I couldn't find a way to create an album, maybe only administrators can?).

Here is the heavy duty plastic cement mixer tub I use:

Here you can see it's deep enough so they can't stand so they can dive, splash, completely immerse under water and swim a small lap. Easy to tip over and clean every 4 days!

Here's the hatchlings Roberta! 1 day old:

7/23/13: Hatchlings

Duck nest - $12 reed hamper from Ross:

When Daisy was out of the coop during the day to make sure she got exercise, I took her nest out so she could see it and remember it's there and sit on her eggs after she ate & ran around. This worked very well.

Roberta K.
user 10948851
Los Angeles, CA
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Duckies are kind of scared of me but hopefully they'll learn to trust me. May take lots of brides though. Sighh.... I think they want their real mommy. It's fun to see them blowing bubbles in the water and slurping. :) Thank you so much Susan. Taking it one day at a time!
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