Spreading love and hope! Please read.

From: Tim G.
Sent on: Monday, November 24, 2008 5:25 PM
Hello loving people,

1. I would first like to share that yesterday over 1000 people were fed because of you. I realize that not everyone will make every event but it is the loving, caring, beautiful people in the world that step up to provide hope to the hopeless and give unconditional love to those that are hurting. You are amazing! Just in the DFW area over 1000 people had food
over 3 million people had a wonderful person show up at their door somewhere in the world because they are just like you and stepped up and took action! Start noticing the ripple effect of your loving actions daily. Invite at least two people you love to join with you in this movement of love and hope at http://www.meetup.com/Loveandhope/
and see how it deepens your relationship.

2. I am meeting with several leaders of shelters, orphanages, and organizations that have children that will not have anyone to celebrate with this season. We will provide hope and love to these children and throw them a Christmas party they will never forget. We will need help with this so please start setting your intentions that will will have an abundance of resources, volunteers, and an outpouring of love and hope on this day! Details are coming very soon and I will make up a checklist of ways you can use to inspire others to join us on this day.

Finally, I would like to share with you a short story from the basket brigade and I would also ask you to share your story on our discussion board on our meetup page. I believe with all my heart that everything happens for a purpose. As a group we manifested so many baskets that we had many more that we had actual names of families in need with their addresses. What a blessing this was! So I told people to just listen to their intuition and find a door of a family that was not on the list but really needed a little bit of help. As everyone went to find their unsuspecting family to spread love and hope to a dark green Buick was passing very slowly. While their attention was focus upon me, they seemed a little confused at why they were staring at me. And in the second I knew I must act, so I yelled "STOP." As the man slowly let his window down in his car he said very softly "we didn't do anything wrong, we are just trying to get home." I told him "I know just hold on for one second." As I was trying to push this huge basket filled with food, toys, love and hope through his window, tears starting slowly rolling down his face from his right eye and he said to me, "What is this a Merry Christmas thing?" As tears started rolling down my face I told him that is exactly what it is and that I just wanted to send him home with a little bit of more love and hope that he started his journey with because I had extra, so I just wanted to share with him. Let me tell you my loving friends the look on his face was priceless and his whole family, including his two young children knew in that moment there are people in this world that care! You are those people. I am so loving all of you today. Tim Gorts

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