Insider information from a student perspective

This is the book I wish I’d read before taking my first flying lesson.

“Learning to Fly an Airplane” is not about how to fly. Instead it walks you through each stage of the training process. It warns you of the pitfalls and encourages you when facing unexpected challenges.

As a recent student, I believe you will improve your chances for success if you know more about flight training going in. You’ll definitely have more fun and less frustration.

Use this book to get the most value for your time, money, and effort.

This is now a free book

“Learning to Fly an Airplane” was first published Feb. 2012 on LTFA consistently ranked as the #1 ebook in its category. In addition, it received positive reviews from flight instructors and students alike. AVweb interview: podcast link.

Starting Aug. 2012, I decided to take LTFA off Amazon and offer it for free to would-be pilots and anyone who wants to know more about the flight training process. You can download a PDF file below. Feel free to copy and share it.

NOTICE: This is the last version of LTFA. It will be available for download until Jan. 31, 2013. Due to vision issues I am no longer flying and will not be updating LTFA. I hope others will continue advocating for general aviation student pilots. Students make the industry run and should insist on the highest standards in flight training. Good luck to all of you, and fly safely!

Here’s the final version. Last download available January 31, 2013: