• Tristan M.

    Event Organizer
    • "XB: Opponent must discard X cards at random from hand. If opponent doesn't have enough cards in hand, entire hand is discarded." 

  • Charlie

    Co-Organizer, Master of Cube-Fu
  • Nic

    Organizer, Ertai
    • "For the love of the game (and great friends) ..except when you pull out infinite combos on me. Then I go to a corner, drink all the beer and cry softly." 

  • Drew N.

    Event Organizer
    • "Love EDH! & limited sealed" 

  • Ryan

    Event Organizer, Vintage Organizer
  • Nate S.

    Assistant Organizer
    • "I will allow it" 

  • Todd H.

    Assistant Organizer, Mr. EDH
    • "If we hit that bullseye, the rest of the dominoes will fall like a house of cards. Checkmate..." 

  • Ian W.

    Event Organizer
  • Ryan G.

    Event Organizer
    • "Pew pew pew" 

  • Jerome

    Event Organizer
  • Dave L

    Event Organizer, The Statistician
    • " I run it." 

  • young

    Event Organizer
    • "Finally back into mtg and looking for a grp to play with." 

  • Samuel W.

    Assistant Organizer, Salmoneus Zephyrinus Aristophantes
    • "Magic is my main hobby and I try to play as often as possible with the meetup guys. These guys in the meetup group are a good bunch and we always have fun times..." 

  • Ken S.

    Event Organizer
    • "Live on Capital Hill in DC and looking to meet magic players in the area." 

  • Gareth H.

    Event Organizer, Victory Comics Organizer
  • Chris G.

    Assistant Organizer
  • Pat

    Co-Organizer, PattyCakes
    • "Wizards of the Coast = evil" 

  • Ken E.

    Event Organizer, Goblin King
    • "Like magic, live in arlington." 

  • Matt

    Co-Organizer, Cheatyface
    • "I do stuff!" 

  • Dan

    Event Organizer, Cube dude
    • "30 recently moved to Herndon." 

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