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Selected By: Mitch B.

Ceilis Irish Pub

670 Smithe St, Vancouver, CA V6B 2C9 (map)

Selected by: Mitch B.

Message from Mashable:

We’re thrilled to announce our second annual Social Media Day. The global event is a celebration of the technological advancements that enable everyone to connect with real-time information, communicate from miles apart and have their voices be heard. We invite you to celebrate by socializing with your online community offline!

Mashable Presents:
Social Media Day Vancouver

This is the official Mashable Social Media Day event in Vancouver Canada. Please join Mitch Baldwin, Shane Gibson and Anthony Caridi, for an evening of socializing and networking at Ceilis Irish Pub 670 Smithe Street.

Be there when we announce the biggest Social Media Event ever to be held in Canada...coming to Vancouver September 2011.

Bring your funny bone on the 30th as we have a special treat lined up for you.

Greg Kettner - Vancouver Comic and friend who can be heard on XM Radio and has performed for the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Coca Cola, The Vancouver Comedy Fest and many more will be entertaining you with a set.

Greg is big on giving back to his local community.

I said that not Greg, because I know it's true.

I've seen him perform and seen a list of local charities and communities where he has helped to raise tens of thousands of dollars.

We thank Greg for supporting our event!

Here's what others say about Greg.

Greg, thank you once again for the charity comedy night for our annual fundraising campaign. It was great to use comedy to raise money for Shelter From The Storm. It was also good to see my colleagues and friends laugh uncontrollably! It was truly a memorable night and people are already asking about next year. Well done!?
Andy Yu ~ Bank of Montreal Please Join us Thursday June 30th for
a celebration of all things Social Media.

If you are a Social Media newbie, seasoned pro or somewhere in between...this event is for you.

Meet your friends and make some new ones.

Thursday, June 30, 2011 - 5:30-7:30pm

670 Smithe Street
Vancouver, Canada



Hashtag: #smday

Thank You To Our Sponsors:

Social Media Agency
Vancouver, Toronto, New York Ceilis Irish Pub

Greg Kettner


Selected by: Mitch B.

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  • Mitch B.'s Photo

    You Are Invited To A Very Special Event!

    In celebration of Social Media Week, we are having a party Wednesday September 26th at Fanclub and you are invited.

    This event also gives us the opportunity to Welcome one of the Social Media Worlds most respected people, Esteban Contreras and his wife Somerlea, to Vancouver.

    Limited spaces.


    Posted by Mitch B. September 19, 2012
  • Mitch B.'s Photo

    Please join us at The Lamplighter Public House for Social Media Day 2012, Thursday June 28th http://www.meetup.com/Masha...­

    Posted by Mitch B. June 27, 2012
  • Mitch B.'s Photo

    Our good friend and Social Media Day supporter Meena Sandhu of ING Direct is holding a Tweetup at the ING Direct Cafe in Vancouver on Wednesday November 16th. Please register here so Meena knows you are attending.


    Look forward to seeing you!

    Your friends at Socialized ltd. http://Socialized.me­ and ING Direct http://ingdirect.ca­


    Posted by Mitch B. November 14, 2011
  • Mitch B.'s Photo

    Thank you for attending Mashable Social Media Day in Vancouver.

    Special thanks to our sponsors @CeilisVan and @GregKettner "you rocked buddy" and the @Socialized team @ShaneGibson @AnthonyCaridi @Jonah_Lewis @RinaChong and props to @Dbarefoot

    Here's a link to photos, videos from #smday events around the world and some cool stats about the event.


    Posted by Mitch B. July 5, 2011
  • Mitch B.'s Photo

    Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson proclaiming June 30th 2011 as Social Media Day in Vancouver.


    Posted by Mitch B. June 30, 2011
  • Ava N.'s Photo

    A visitor from out of town will be arriving to stay with us, so I'll likely not be able to make it... but will try. It's promising to be great! For those who will be there, have fun!

    Posted by Ava N. June 30, 2011
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    • Rob S.'s Photo

      On a similar note, I have a visitor from out of town, mind if I bring him along?

      Posted by Rob S. June 30, 2011
    • Mitch B.'s Photo

      Hi Rob, your friend is most welcome to attend!

      Posted by Mitch B. June 30, 2011
  • Mitch B.'s Photo

    Story about Social Media Day by Global News featuring Vancouver City Councillor and yours truly. http://www.globaltvbc.com/H...­

    Posted by Mitch B. June 30, 2011
  • Wayne R.'s Photo

    Wish I could be there. I'm sure it will be a great event!

    Posted by Wayne R. June 30, 2011
    • Mitch B.'s Photo

      Thanks Wayne, have a great weekend.
      See you soon and happy Social Media Day!

      Posted by Mitch B. June 30, 2011
  • Chadwick O.'s Photo

    Hey Vancouver!

    Please represent your meet-up and join us in an experiment to connect every country in the world around a single idea, via social media, in one month!

    Simply tweet or retweet #TweetAround to friends and invite them to join in on the global conversation.

    This is an exciting opportunity to represent your country in this effort to connect and gain a global perspective on the world of social media. To learn more, go to www.fahrenheittechnology.com/t­weetaround.

    Posted by Chadwick O. June 30, 2011
  • Mitch B.'s Photo

    Hope you are getting excited about The Mashable Worldwide Social Media Day event in Vancouver tomorrow night at Ceilis.

    Here's the just out of editing welcome video from Pete Cashmore.


    See you tomorrow!

    Posted by Mitch B. June 29, 2011
    • Mitch B.'s Photo

      Congrats to Vancouver photographer and Social Media Day 2010 alum John Biehler for mention in the video.

      Posted by Mitch B. June 29, 2011
  • Lisa's Photo

    wish i could be there!

    Posted by Lisa June 29, 2011

    @gregkettner will be there!

    Posted by GREGKETTNER.COM June 24, 2011
  • Mitch B.'s Photo

    Apologies if you got several messages about 2011 in your inbox.
    I posted to each of the events from 2010 to announce this event so all who attended in 2010 would be notified :)

    Posted by Mitch B. May 24, 2011
  • Bevan B.'s Photo

    How big was this last year?

    Posted by Bevan B. May 18, 2011
    • James L.'s Photo

      Pete Cashmore came last time!

      Posted by James L. May 24, 2011

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