The Benghazi Spectre

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In the remaining 10 days before the election I urge everyone who is in the vicinity of a visit by either Obama or Biden to raise a sign that says "Benghazi" and "Spectre".  Whenever you have an opportunity to talk to a member of the news media, especially your local news media, broach the issue of the Benghazi Spectre with them.  Although this story is still breaking on Fox News, it appears that ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC and NBC, as well as a host of liberal print media is willfully trying to suppress this news, and we should make a stink of it.  The public needs to know about this. 

As the web of lies surrounding Benghazi continues to unravel, our friend Judson Phillips of Tea Party Nation explains much of the latest revelation in this blog ... if you read nothing else, read the italicized text in what he writes:

What is a Spectre gunship?  Back in my time (Vietnam) we referred to the grandfather of the Spectre as Spooky or "Puff the Magic Dragon".   Here is more on the Spectre ... if nothing else read the remarks from the retired Delta Force member who stated that "the fact that ground personnel were painting the target says there was a Spectre on station":

So there was a circling aircraft with gatling guns and automatic cannons, capable of decisively stopping the attack within minutes if not seconds.  But they could not get permission from the White House Residence to do so.

There is no more basic principle to the American fighting man that you don't abandon your buddies man in combat.  For a commander to order troops to "stand down" and not go to the aid of others under attack, is beyond outrage!  We cannot remain still, or silent.

While we do not want this to become the "message" to the voters as the election approaches, we do want the media to do their job and stop covering up for the Commander-in-Chief who did this, rather than to put his re-election at risk. 

We need to call the media on the carpet on this one.  Not in public, but personally.  They too have email addresses and phone numbers. 

Semper Fi,

Jim & Lisa Woods
Medina County Friends And Neighbors (MCFAN)

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