A Member's Frustration

From: Wayne S.
Sent on: Sunday, January 6, 2013 8:11 PM
Her's the latest piece I wrote for Strong Ohio Patriots. 
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Subject: A Member's Frustration

Greetings, Friends:
              It's CYA (Cover your ass) Time For Progressives

     Thomas Jefferson felt that at least once every generation Americans would have to rise up and throw off the chains of repressive government.  For that reason he knew that we should  remain armed, forever, even after the revolution was over.  That was of paramount importance to all of the Founding Fathers.  They knew government service would be infiltrated by greedy, wasteful and power-hungry people.  At this point I won't state the obvious.
     I used to think that's why liberals and progressives wanted us disarmed....because in their worst nightmares they saw the people rise up (I wish) and kick them out of the seats of power that have come to embrace corruption, waste and criminal negligence as standard operating procedures....as if that was the only way to run a government.

     Even though that scenario is still a valid one I've changed my mind as to that being the primary reason liberals and progressives want us defenseless and at the mercy of the government.

     With all of these massacres being perpetrated by suicidal maniacs in movie theaters, malls and schools I see now that the real reason the government wants us disarmed and defenseless is because it is their leftist agenda that has built into the system the creation of homocidal /suicidal psychos.  Everytime some psycho blows away a crowd of people it emphasizes how sick our culture has become....all with the guidance and approval of the Federal Government.  The government has dumbed down the educational system to the point of it being an unsalvageable danger to children.  The government has had a goal of separating us from religion and our country's heritage and tradition of respect for the law for decades.   Because of the symbiotic, sypathetic and finacial relationship between the Obama Administration (and the Clinton Administration....those two most notably) and the so-called "entertainment" industry it's not just an oversight that the government allows this industry to continue to acclimate us to the notions of brutality, ultra-violence, torture and mass murder as harmless entertainment in games, movies and TV shows.   Last, but not least, is the government's hand in destroying the necessity and stability of the nuclear family by buying its way into families with subsidies and handouts and then running them into the ground so it can subsequently create expensive new government programs and hire new unionized workers to repair the damage it did in the first place.
     The progressives have a lot to answer for because they have transformed America into something where the creation of dysfunctional, remorseless and conscienceless American psychos is an inevitable by-product of their policies.  Psycho creation is a permanent characteristic of left wing government so the massacres will inevitably continue and even get worse because they are the result of the insane policies of the America-hating creeps who govern us, entertain us and educate our children.  Oh, yes, it's going to get much worse before it gets better. 

     Progressives have created a perfect storm of cultural dissimulation.  It's out with the old and in with the new....and the new is a death-worshipping nightmare  induced by wrong-headed policies and dictatorial regulations.

     No progressive can see what is going on as a result of their policies and credibly ask with astonishment "What the hell went wrong?  Why is everything coming apart?"  Of course that's assuming they think we are coming apart.  Maybe their plans are right on track.  Our leftist, Marxist, Liberal, Progressive, unionist (pick one...they are all the same) ruling class is reaping what they have been sowing for decades.  They've put together a giant s - - t sandwich and now we're all expected to do our share (they always determine what our share is) and take a bite and like it.  And they don't want us to get any uppity notions about resisting....or at least defending ourselves against the de-sensitized homicidal monsters they have created. 

     Guns are not the problem.  There's always been guns aplenty in this country.  I got my first rifle when I was ten years old by redeeming S&H Green stamps at the redemption center on Ridge Rd. in Parma.  I got a second one the same year as a gift from a friend of my father.  My brother got his first revolver when he was in high school.  Guns aren't the problem....It's the crazies the progressives are creating that are the problem.  Now, thanks to Obama and his progressive associates and predecessors, we have crazies aplenty and the only solution our looney government can come up with to deal with the maniacs they've created is to try to chip away at our Constitutionally guaranteed rights....again and as always....because lazy people with limited talent and questionable intelligence always resort to the same old tired "fixes" even if they've never fixed anything before.  If Obama is interested in fixes he should just concentrate on a cocaine fix or some other drug he's overly familiar with and leave the rest of us to fend for ourselves.  My motto is "Never trust a coke-head".

     Progressives aren't trying to protect future innocent victims.  They're just trying to protect their quickly vanishing credibility (I'm sorry...I meant zero credibilty) as competent administrators and their moronic and unworkable notions of a leftist paradise.  There's nothing accidental about what's become of this country.  It's all been a deliberate and well thought out plan.  They want the deconstruction of everything worthwhile that enabled Americans to run there own lives and find their own happiness and make their own future.  Those in the government want us to believe that anything we can't get from them isn't worth having and even if it is worth having we're not going to get it anyway just becasue they said so....so shut up.  That pretty much sums up Obama's first "Four Year Plan" doesn't it?  The second one is sure to be a doozey.  In truth all we're getting from them is debt, corruption, debt, lawlessness, debt, economic destruction, debt, hopelessness, debt, cultural disintegration, debt, fear and debt.  Oh, and debt, debt, debt, and more debt.  I can't emphasize corruption and debt enough.

     The furtherance of everything the progressives believe they have "accomplished" is riding on gun control now because each new massacre emphasizes the failure of progressivism.  Each dead body is like an exclamation point at the end of a shouted scream that proclaims "You Progressive traitors are destroying our once great country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!".  If you're counting there's one exclamation point for each murder of an innocent in Newtown, Conn.  Whether the crazies keep killing people or not America's destruction is still going to go on.  It's just that the massacres make Progressive incompetence so much more noticeable and easy to place blame and the Pregressives don't appreciate the publicity, but if they can tie the massacres to the Constitution (and take the heat off of themselves) well, then, that's something else altogether.  As we've all seen the Progressives have had no problem getting their ass-kissing / boot-licking  pals in the main stream news media to bang that drum: Headline: "The Founding Fathers (Those Bastards) And The 2nd Amendment Are The Root Of All Of Our Problems".  Sub-Headline: "Obama is Still a god. What He Says Goes". Sub-Sub-Headline: "We're All Communists Now".  You just know these America-hating s - - t for brains all wish that was true.  It would simplify their task so much.  And then they would just have to convince the rest of us who don't have our heads up our asses that it's true.  Fortunately the truth is verifiable if you're willing to dig for it.

     Gun control is just a cosmetic attempt to hide what is really wrong with this country.... deeply rooted cancers called Liberalism and Progressivism that pervert all that they touch.   Gun control isn't really about guns.  As we all know it's just about control. 
Wayne Stovcik
p.s.: Hope to see you all at the next meetup at
        the Carriage House on Jan. 17, 2013.

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