Re: [MelbJVM] JVM experiences on ARM

From: Toby C.
Sent on: Friday, February 14, 2014 3:07 PM
On 14 February[masked]:24, Kon Soulianidis <[address removed]> wrote:
Yeah they do make a bit of noise in the JavaFX camp about performance with RasPi.  Few videos on youtube around going back to over year ago 

Reckon since its so close to 8 coming out anyway I'd give that a try.  Hopefully not too hard to have both and compare them?

A quick run-thru of a little app of mine (single-threaded only) gave the following performance on a ARMv6 Pi:

openjdk-7 -zero: 37.8 seconds
openjdk-7 -jamvm: 32.3 seconds
Oracle's jdk 1.8 -client: 14.5 seconds
Oracle jdk 1.8 -server / -minimal: error on both

Twice as fast!

Running again on the much more powerful Radxa board (1.6ghz and ARMv7):
openjdk-7 -zero: 4.0sec
openjdk-7 -jamvm: 3.8sec
Oracle's jdk 1.8 -client: 2.1sec
Oracle jdk 1.8 -server: 2.0sec
Oracle jdk 1.8 -minimal: error

Still about twice as fast!

Sorry, no comparison with oracle jdk 1.7 right now.. ran out of time.

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