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Welcome - so glad you decided to join us! The goal of this group is a fun, friendly, safe and successful group in which people can forge genuine friendships, so some "House Rules" seemed like a good idea.

1. First and foremost, play nicely. Members may be removed at any time and at the discretion of the organizer for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to:

  • Threatening, harassing, libelous or slanderous actions, both in public or in private communications, including online or event stalking or email harassment of any individual associated with the group or our events.
  • Rude or obnoxious behavior toward any member of the our group, venue staff or members of the public present at an event. Yes, organizers of Meet Up groups can decide what is inappropriate and out of line.
  • Excessive intoxication at events and intoxication that leads to drinking and driving over the legal limit.
  • Skipping out on your tab or underpaying at an event.
  • Behavior in violation of Meetup.com's Terms of Service

Please take these points seriously, as inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated in this group. If there is an incident, you will be contacted by the organizer and given one warning, in writing. A second infraction will result in you being removed from the group, as the well-being and safety of the group and general public is always the organizer's first concern. Group organizers take inappropriate behavior from members very seriously. Not only will you be removed from the group but, if need be, organizers can work with Meetup.com to terminate your account and possibly assist in any legal action against you. No one really wants to see anything escalate to this level, but it does happen from time to time in Meet Up groups and is not taken lightly.

2. Some of our events will include alcohol, so please drink responsibly and know your limit. This is something I take very seriously, and I do not want this group's events to be responsible for putting intoxicated people on the roads. I'm always happy to discreetly help you get a cab. If you know you shouldn't drive after any event, just let me know and I'll be sure we get you a cab, keeping you and others safe.

3. Please make every effort to keep your RSVP's up to date, with cancellations at least 24 hours ahead of time, especially for events with a waiting list. Simply being a no-show to an event is not acceptable in this group. This shouldn't be a problem in our group, as many of you said the Seattle “flake out factor” drives you crazy, right?! Organizers and hosts put a lot of time and effort into organizing and hosting events - often coordinating with venues for discounts, a guaranteed table, extra waitstaff or a private room. There is a monthly cost associated with being a Meet Up organizer and sometimes additional costs are involved in hosting an event, so please be respectful of the hosts and fellow group members by keeping your RSVP's up to date. Event hosts will take attendance at events and a list of no-shows will be maintained. If you become notorious for canceling at the last minute or not showing up for events, you may be denied attendance to future events at the organizer's discretion or removed from the group. As a general rule, a "Three strikes and you're out" policy will be applied to no shows. Events that required extensive planning for the event organizer to secure private space with a venue and extra staff, discounts, etc, or events held in a member's home and/or events with a wait list may count as two strikes, as no-shows and last minute cancellations are especially disrespectful and unfair to all involved.

4. Your real first name is required for membership and a current photo of you (with your face visible) is strongly encouraged for your profile. You did join this group because you wanted to make new friends, right? That's very hard to do when members don't upload a picture (even a smaller one) in which their face is visible. If you really want a picture of your puppy, favorite flower or a sunset as your primary picture, it is possible to upload a picture of yourself as a secondary profile picture. (Last names are not required on your profile.)

5. Separate checks are not always available for events. Organizers work with venues whenever possible for separate checks but some venues are more accommodating than others. Remember cash is king and no one else at the event is going to cover your tab if you're a little short, forgot your wallet or your credit card is denied. Along those same lines, be nice to the waitstaff and tip at least 15-20%, especially if we've brought in a large group.

6. The organizer or host will often take pictures at events to add to our group's MU page. These photos help us to recruit more members, as potential new friends will see all the good looking homies having fun without them and they'll jump at the chance to join us! tongue Photos taken by Nancy, the group organizer, will not be posted anywhere other than on our group's MU page. If you don't want to be in these pictures, just let me know at the event. Other members or hosts may take pictures to add to the event page and they may end up posting them elsewhere, such as on their own social media pages, etc. Organizers and hosts have no control over this. If someone asks that you not take their picture at an event, please respect this. Photos and videos “taken on the sly” are not acceptable, as this seems suspect. Audio recording of events is prohibited. If you are taking photos at events in this group, the people in the photo need to be aware of this. Not everyone likes to have their face plastered all over the internet, so please be respectful of everyone's comfort level and their privacy. Organizers reserve the right to remove any photos from the group's MU page that they deem inappropriate or offensive. If you'd like a photo of you removed from an event page, please be in touch with the group organizer and it will be removed if you're the only one in the shot. It there are others in the photo, I'll do my best to crop you out of the shot. If you're sensitive to this sort of thing, it's likely best to avoid being in the event photos in the first place.

7. If you have a complaint about an event after attending or a concern about another member, please do not air your grievances on the event page or the discussion board. Please contact Nancy, the group organizer, via email through Meet Up and it will be addressed.

8. Please consider being an event host! If you have an idea for an event that you'd like to host, use the “Suggest a Meet-Up” button. That will put your event on the suggested calendar and if seems like a good fit for the group, it will be moved to the official calendar. If for some reason there are any concerns about your suggestion, Nancy will email you directly. Anything you suggest will be an event you will be hosting, so please be prepared to arrive a little early, meet all members in attendance and keep the event running smoothly. If you've hosted a few events, all went well and you'd like to become an assistant organizer (which gives you the ability to post and edit your events without going through the group organizer), let Nancy know and your request will be considered.

9. Sign up, show up, be social and have fun! smile

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