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May 16, 2011 7:30 pm
In Attendance: Chantelle, Mark, Jennifer, Patrick, Gwenn, Vincent, David B., David and Cami.

I. City Council Elections: They are one year away. Mark is encouraging MUST members to consider running for City Council.

II. Chair for MUST Group: Up until now we have not had a Chair. The group talked about whether it would be beneficial to have one chairperson, or if we should each rotate taking charge of the agenda and the meetings. We decided it would be beneficial to have one chairperson to be in charge of the agenda, etc. Vincent volunteered to Chair for 3 months and we will have another discussion then about whether to continue with things or to make a change.

III. City-Wide Car Sharing: Mark had a friend present him with the idea of city-wide car sharing in which we put people with privately-owned cars and trucks in touch with each other for purposes of sharing vehicles. We decided that we would like for Mark’s friend to attend a meeting and submit his concept to the group.

IV. Increasing MUST Membership: We would like to get more people to join. Mark envisions a large group with 200+ members. Ideas for increasing membership: Having an informational booth at the Farmer’s Market, putting an ad in the Milwaukie Pilot, and printing up fliers to pass out at the NDA Meetings. Jennifer will work to create a visual logo and flier (postcard size) and David will make prints at his shop.

V. Natural Step Training: How can we ensure that Council Members who have taken the training are implementing what they have learned? The group decided to each send emails to council members asking them how they have integrated their Natural Step Training with their work for Milwaukie.

VI. LED Lights: No Update

VII. Food Co-Op: The meeting for Food Co-op core members will be on May 31st at David and Cami’s house at 7 p.m. Four MUST members (Gwen, Cami, Vince, and Jennifer) attended NDA meetings and talked to neighbors about the food co-op. Each reported that they received good feedback and had people approach them who were interested in membership. Gwenn said that a major concern at this point is finding a community gathering space for our community meeting in June. Next steps for Food Co-op implementation include: choosing at least 2 names for the co-op, recruiting more members, seeing who of the members wants to step up to the steering committee, and coming up with an application process. David B. suggested inviting a steering committee member from Food Front or People’s to join our steering committee.

VIII. 3 Creeks: Upcoming 3 Creeks meeting is on May 23rd, at 6 p.m. at Linwood Elementary. Vince passed out postcards for MUST members to fill out and send in to Clackamas County Commissioners urging them to vote no on the Sunnybrook extension.

IX. Other News: David B. mentioned that Adventis is funding community ventures in interesting ways and that since it is a local establishment the group should consider them when in need of funding. Jennifer mentioned that her NDA is having a plant sale on June 11th to fund the Balfour Street Park in her neighborhood. Jennifer mentioned that Mercy Corps and GrowPortland have teamed up to create an urban farm in the Ardenwald neighborhood where Nepalese refugees farm on city land to produce food that they can sell in CSA and at farmer’s markets. For more information or to sign up for CSA and purchase food grown in Milwaukie, visit or contact Loren Morse at

Next Meeting will be on June 20th at 7:30 p.m. at Patrick and Jennifer Finn’s house located at 3241 SE Wake Street, Milwaukie, 97222.

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