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2009 Conventions

rich text file 24K Michael M. Dec 4, 2008

Medieval Problem SolvingOutline

Philip Graces' notes from the January Meetup

Word file 368K Michael M. Feb 2, 2010

Table-top Sign - Michael Merriam

Adobe Acrobat file 160K Michael M. Mar 24, 2012

Combat stress

A little monograph by someone who teaches how to cope with stress (combat). I've lost the web link, but I suspect you can recreate it with some good Google'ing. More stuff for our "combat" theme meeting upcoming.

rich text file 1.9M Pat S. Oct 29, 2007

[Fun] scene guidelines

Some notes I made from material presented by others on "good" writing. Nothing revolutionary or surprising. Still, it might serve to stimulate some thoughts. I reserve the right to not practice what I preach. (images from an Excel spreadsheet)

rich text file 319K Pat S. Feb 3, 2008

ESP 11-11 The Fallout Skelter (2nd submission)

About 8k words, including synopsis. A few questions: did you find the wait in the bunker suspenseful, or were you getting bored? Interesting banter, or too info-dumpy? Do the dialogue-only sections work as a change of pace, or are they too long?

rich text file 60K Paul W. Oct 28, 2014

[MSP CRIT 8-26} The Serpent's Coil - Rachel Forde

Part 2

Word file 86K Rachel Lynn F. Aug 20, 2012

1 Summons.RTF

This is for ESP 8/14 First chapter of my story with the working title "Wisdom Searching" I tried to save this as an RTF file, but have no idea if I succeeded. If I did not, I will have Ayron repost it properly by the evening of 8/8

Word file 60K Renae C. Aug 7, 2012

[CRIT 11-19 RETRO] Elfland

for Retrofits Group: Part 2 (with prologue) of a long story, "Which Way Out of Elfland"

rich text file 22K Riawa S. Nov 16, 2009


[Crit Retro 2-18] Here is a summary of "Which Way Out of Elfland?" so far.

rich text file 5K Riawa S. Feb 13, 2010

Lovecraftian Carol

[Retro Crit. 12-22-13]My spin on an X-mass carol you probably recognize.

rich text file 2K Riawa S. Dec 14, 2013

[Research] Military Commissions Act

This concerns the discussion between Jess and I on the Military Commissions Act. It is from Wikipedia. Thought some folks might be interested in looking at it for themselves.

rich text file 49K Ricky E F. Sep 25, 2008

[ESP.Crit 4-8] Balloon Romance

Word file 37K Robert K. Mar 22, 2014

[MSP Crit 8-17-14] An Imp in the Woodpile

A Short Story approx. 3700 words

rich text file 93K Scott W. Aug 12, 2014

[MSP Crit 11-9]] Just Bones, Leaves, and Stolen Clothes - Scott

rich text file 112K Scott W. Nov 2, 2014

The Bully Project

I am participating in the online digital mural sponsored by Adobe Software as part of The Bully Project initiative (http://www.creati...­ ). I would appreciate some feedback before I post.

Word file 171K Sue H. Oct 15, 2014

ESP Acts of Heresy Ch 2

Here's the second chapter of my current novel. Have at it!

Word file 83K Susan H. Sep 3, 2010


TCSFWN black T-shirt. Please go to the Polls Site and vote on whether or not you'd pay for this shirt!!

an image 60K Terry F. Apr 30, 2006

CRIT May 17 Sea Monkeys of the Sahara

A group effort!

Word file 66K Terry F. May 5, 2009


Critique Worksheet by Jaye Lawrence

rich text file 29K Terry F. May 24, 2010

Chapter Outline Form

A template for making chapter recipe cards.

Word file 29K Terry F. Oct 5, 2014

[MSP Crit 12-12] Bits and Pieces - T. Rocheford

Word file 104K Tim R. Nov 17, 2010

[MSP CRIT 9-21-14] The Devils Bible Part 8 - Tim Rocheford

Paranormal action adventure that takes place during the closing months of World War One.

Word file 82K Tim R. Sep 13, 2014

[MSP CRIT 11-9-14] The Devils Bible Part 10 - Tim Rocheford

Part 10 of my paranormal action adventure set during the closing months of World War 1

Word file 72K Tim R. Nov 2, 2014

WALI 08.11.2012 - A World of Difference by Jaqi Hegland

A short story by Jaqi Hegland

Word file 46K Travis T. Aug 6, 2012

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