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The Shameless Self-Promotion Discussion

Hilary Moon M.
Group Organizer
Minneapolis, MN
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Have you recently published a novel (story, article, play, tv show, comic book, poem, song or other artwork) that you want to tell us about? Got a cool bit of marketing (bookmarks, pens, magnets, whatever) that you made that you want to show off? This is the discussion where we will allow you to be completely and totally shameless in promoting your own writing!

(No more than one post about your story, please, unless you are answering a legitimate question from someone else. Shamelessness is allowed. Nagging is not.)

Hilary Moon M.
Group Organizer
Minneapolis, MN
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Somehow this message got closed. (I must have hit the wrong button or something when creating it, and didn't notice.)

It is now reopened for your shamelessness!

A former member
Post #: 2
My first novel, Homeland, a SF satire on the current war on
terror and its undermining of our civil liberties is to be relased by Samhain Publishing on 19th September. It's had a 5 star review from Euro-reviews at

where they say:

"This story definitely has an intriguing approach...adding in
themes of fear of terrorism, shopping mall society, and other
current issues. I recommend it...this is definitely a page-turner
novel; this reviewer couldn't stop till the end. "

I've included a brief blurb on the novel below. Anyone who
joins my mailing list at www.michaelamos.net/join or signs my
guestbook at www.michaelamos.net/guestbook.php gets the chance
to win a free, signed copy on release.

Tracy Dwayne Jocelyn Higgs has a problem. Not only is he a
Security Officer saddled with a girl?s name, he has awoken to
find himself in a vast shopping mall with no recollection of
how he came to be there.

Worse still, the mall is under almost constant terrorist
attack. The mall's security apparatus operates a permanent
state of emergency and none of the other terrified inhabitants
of the mall have any idea how they came to be there or how to
get out.

Stalked by the obsessive femme fatale Mandy, shadowed by the
annoying Information Officer Simms and in love with the no-
nonsense Doctor Jodi Francis, Higgs must find out where he is,
get in touch with his feminine side and save the inhabitants of
the mall before he is terminated for his own security and well

Michael Amos

edited to fix formatting - Hmm
Jason D. W.
Minneapolis, MN
Post #: 122
I have been informed that Baen's Universe is available in CD form at the bookstore. Dreamhaven Books, for instance. Right now, it's Issue #1 on the shelves, which doesn't include my story, but it's there for those who want it.

Michael M.
Hopkins, MN
Post #: 280
My story "Melpomene Run" is up at Ray Gun Revival.


It is unashamed, unabashed pulp-style Space Opera, so if you don't like the sort of high adventure space story that sometimes uses more than a little handwaving to get around the science part, you probably won't like this story.

On the plus side, it has a nice cover and they gave me a great tagline:

An emergency courier run to an endangered colony turns deadly for Lt. Lisa Cochrane as she uncovers corruption, intrigue, and sabotage all around her.
A former member
Post #: 13
I am not sure if I should reply to this discussion as no money has changed hands. The English translation of the German Nebular science fiction novel #6 was made availale for free distribution on the internet today. I was the first draft translator. The project leader, a native born German speaker, corrected all my errors. Two editors also worked on the project. I also worked on the fourth and fifth Nebular novels. These novels are presented as a serial and should probably be read in numerical order.
At some point in the future, the first six novels are scheduled to be printed in one book.
Translation is not the same as writing. It is an entirely different animal with defferent preferences for the food it eats, the liquids it drinks and the air it brethes.
Norman Riger
A former member
Post #: 6
Yikes! Do I have a lot of promotion props and other items. My favorites are a purple silicone wristband embossed with Dream-slip, a term from my book. Second favorite is foam doorknob hangers (like the do not disturb ones in hotels). They are printed on both sides. One side says shush, I?m in the middle of a dream-slip. The backside says, I?m back. I can?t wait to tell you about my adventure. The last favorite is a mockup of the Book of Second Chances from the story. It is leather bound to match the book in the story and has glass studs on the cover that flash and glow when you set the book down hard.

I just uploaded a file that lists all these and other promotion items. Maybe they?ll give someone an idea.


My book. A five book fantasy series for young adults: The Secret Books of Gabendoor.? Book one, The Book of Second Chances is available now. Book two, The Book of Broken Promises is at the publisher. Book three: The Book of Twisted Truths is my current work in progress.

The series is a classic wizards, bad guys and another planet/world story. It does have a boy in a wheelchair and his stepsister as the hero and heroine. The do battle with Fistlock in the world of Gabendoor. A favorite shadow beast is the Tellagain. It haunts little old men and makes them repeat the same stories over and over again. A couple YA book clubs voted triplet sisters as favorite characters. The sisters are Nelly Never Sallyforth who always tells lies, Tillie Truly Sallyforth, who always tells the truth and Molly Folly Sallyforth, who sometimes tells the truth and sometimes doesn?t.

If you are interested in it, my web site is huge. www.gabendoor.com

user 2261480
Minneapolis, MN
Post #: 82
Oh dear--the Tellagain! I fear it has begun to haunt me. At least, my kids seem inclined to think so.
Michael M.
Hopkins, MN
Post #: 291
"The Foundling" is up at Chaos Theory: Tales Askew.

It's the happy tale of the ghost of a murdered child, the spirit of a shopping mall made manifest, a talking parking lot totem, and making the family of your choice.

Follow the link!

Roy C. B.
user 3023314
Bemidji, MN
Post #: 4
Okay, deep breath...

Just poetry and plays this round.

My poem, "The Masoleum of Rust," will be appearing in the upcoming latest offering from "The Talking Stick" (Jackpine Writers' Bloc).

My 36th published play, "Two Wives and a Dead Guy" (co-written with my wife, Cynthia), will be released by Samuel French any day now.

"Beanie and the Bamboozling Horror Machine," a full length science fiction/fantasy children's play (w/. Bob May) has been sent to the printers. It is the sequel to 1990's "Beanie and the Bamboozling Book Machine," which just closed its 12th (known by me at least) run for the year in Averill Park, NY.

I am presently proofing the galleys for "Beanie and the Bamboozling Adventure Machine," which is slated for a 2007 release.

(The novelizations of all three above mentioned plays are also in the works.)

Please check out www.samuelfrench.com for further details.

My dramatization of D. H. Lawrence's "The Rocking-Horse Winner" (Heuer Publishing, LLC) will be performed in Courtland, Virginia in October.

HaveScripts is upgrading the contracts for "Prince Hedgehog" and "The Lovely Red Flower," and they will also now be available through Amazon.com and other similar outlets (note: this is a bit unusual for plays and I hope other publishers soon follow suit...)

"Do You Think Dogs Think?" has been translated into Farsi. (And yes, my work is STILL banned in Iran...)

More to follow as it develops, thanks!
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