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Introduce Yourself, and tell us what you write!

Philip S.
Saint Paul, MN
Post #: 12
Hello all!

I'm Nick Scholtes. Currently, I'm working on a story that will at least be a novella, if not a novel, that's about vampires, but I don't think it's really horror. I'd say supernatural/modern fantasy. I've also written a few essays, as well as poetry.

Okay. So here's the million dollar (and oft repeated) question: How does one go about getting published? I really want to get some essays, poems, and some shorter work published while I'm working on my novel . . . and my plans for total world domination!!! BWAAA HA HA HA HA!! . . . . Ahem! I'm sorry, was that out loud? My inner monologue gets away from me, so to speak, every now and again.

So, if anyone has any advice, I would be most appreciative.

Hope all's well with everyone! By the way, what is the genre "magical realism?" I've never heard of it.

You can't dominate the world, as that's my job ! Anyway, as to finding markets, I am not very good at it, as it seems to be some dark secret that must not be revealed lest the writers actually know where to submit. For a lot of listings, try the following site:

The site lists hundreds of places for SF/F/H. It is updated promptly, so the info is accurate, unlike Writers Market.
Jaye L.
Saint Paul, MN
Post #: 3
The Critters Library has a good section of market links also:


Critters' Response Time Tracker is a nice feature too, as it lets you know which markets are generally quick to respond and which are notoriously slow:

Hilary Moon M.
Group Organizer
Minneapolis, MN
Post #: 3,114
Welcome to Jaye, Nicholas and Stella!

It is so wonderful having so many new members in the group, with varied publishing experiences. Jaye, I am so jealous of your F&SF sales. I so want to sell to that market!

Nicholas, you have gotten some great advice here. Let me add to it. For the most part, you should start with submitting to the higher paid pro markets listed in Ralan, provided that you think your story will be a match for that market. Vampire stories can sometimes be a tough sell in the short fiction markets. There are a lot of markets that got kind of worn out on vampire stories during the last few years.

That said, if your story is good enough... Even a jaded editor might find it fun and different. You'll never know until you start sending it out.

Once you have made a few sales/contacts, you will start finding out about other markets like anthologies and such. I have found that most of the invite-only anthologies never get listings on stuff like Ralan. But if you have made a couple sales elsewhere, you can get asked to participate in them. That's what happened with my New Voices of Science Fiction sale. My story, "Run of the Fiery Horse," had just come out in Realms of Fantasy and I got an out of the blue e-mail from Mike Resnick that read, "Send me the best story you have lying around."

He did not say why I was supposed to send him the story. But this was Mike Resnick asking, and I sent him one two hours later. Three hours after that, I got an e-mail saying, "Wow, I really like the quality of your storytelling. I'm buying it."

I wrote him back and said, "Um, that's great, Mike. May I ask you what you are buying it for? Call me old fashioned, but I'd like to know where my stories are being published..."


He eventually told me.

I know that some prolific short story authors attend conventions like Wiscon, Worldcon, and World Fantasy Con just so that they can hear the gossip on invitation-only anthologies. But that usually only works until you have some pro sales under your belt.

Also, don't forget the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future contest. They pay extremely well, and are only open to authors who do not have a lot of pro SF fiction credits... I'm still (barely) eligible for that market so I'm still trying to sell to them! They are a great first market to send stuff if one of their quarterly submission deadlines is coming up. And if one is not, I'd try out F & SF or Strange Horizons first for shorter fiction. Both have excellent standards and extremely fast response times.

Hilary Moon M.
Group Organizer
Minneapolis, MN
Post #: 3,218
Hey, we got another new member today! Welcome, Dena!

A former member
Post #: 1
I hope I'm replying to this right, my apologies if stuff comes through that shouldn't ;)

I'm Dena Landon, a YA fantasy writer who just moved to the Twin Cities. Some of you guys know me already, some of you don't. Looking forward to meeting everyone at some point.

My first novel will be coming out August 2005, so I'm the process of trying to promote it, etc. I'm teaching at a writer's conference for teenagers next week and hoping to sit on a few panels at Convergence. I also teach dance in the area, pour coffee for health benefits, and various and sundry other things.

That's about it!

- D
Hilary Moon M.
Group Organizer
Minneapolis, MN
Post #: 3,237
Thanks for the introduction, Dena! It is great to see you in the group! And we got another new member as well yesterday, April, bringing our group to 40 members!

April, if you are reading this, welcome!

Hilary Moon M.
Group Organizer
Minneapolis, MN
Post #: 3,240
Gang --

We have been blessed with a bunch of new members recently. I'm not certain why we had the influx -- maybe it's Spring Fever? However, I would like to extend a warm welcome to all the new members who joined in the last two months. I know that some of them have posted introductions in here, but some haven't, so here is the list of those that joined recently.

If they said anything interesting in their profile or included a photo, I'm linking to their member profiles.

They are:

Philip Shill -- writer, night owl & active participant on our message board

Jane R. Hansen -- Jane did the courtesy of hosting the Meetup in her bookstore, Eye of Horus, last month.

Keith just updated his profile to let us know he is an archaeologist. We'll be seeing him at the Meetup and can meet him then.

Adam Hardy
(no profile yet)

Nick Scholtes -- a published poet looking to meet other writers

Stella Evans -- She's got a bunch of cool short sales of which I am very envious. For the list, check out her member profile.

Jaye Lawrence -- Has sold several stories to F&SF. For the list, check out her member profile.

Dena Landon -- Her YA Fantasy novel will be coming out from Dutton this summer.

April­ -- She said, "I'm would like to read short works of speculative fiction, so if you're interested in an outlet for your stories talk to me!"

Anyone whose curiosity is piqued by these great profiles can feel free to fill out or update their own profile by going here: http://scifiwriting.m...­.

Your Official Dis-Organizer
Hilary Moon Murphy
Jaye L.
Saint Paul, MN
Post #: 6
Thanks, Hilary! It's great to connect with so many like-minded writers here. :)

I'm going to be a crazy woman from mid-April until late June, alas. I am trying to finish up my final trimester of weekend college to graduate, so I will have three classes on top of full-time work, parenting, etc. But I look forward to meeting you all this summer, once I emerge--victorious, I hope!--from my schedule madness.
Hilary Moon M.
Group Organizer
Minneapolis, MN
Post #: 3,459
Gang --

Did anyone else notice how many new members we have gotten in the last week?


Welcome to Sharna, Linda, Lisa and Chris! We got to meet Chris at our last event, and I cannot wait to get a chance to meet Sharna, Lisa and Lisa.

Welcome to Fola who is an Organizer of a bunch of SF related groups in NYC and just wants to hang out with us virtually. When not attending his many Meetups, Fola lives on message boards, so I expect that he will say hi often!

Lastly a special welcome to Bruce Bethke, the only person to love us so much that he joined the group twice!


If any of you want to take a moment to introduce yourselves to the group, we would love to hear all about you.

Fola F.
New York, NY
Post #: 272
Thank you Hilary,

I will be checking in, hanging out and may even crash a party!

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