Montréal, QC

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October 18, 2012

Tell us a little about yourself

I am everything and nothing at the same time! :) I believe I cannot be labelled because that would limit my potential. My personality varies daily according to my mood. Some days, I'm shy and introverted and others I become very sociable and outgoing. In either case, I'm a passionate person that embraces life's experiences and possess a wild imagination. I love reading, writing, watching movies, going out with friends and of course..daydreaming! :P

How did you become interested in philosophy?

I think philosophy has always been a part of who I am. I have always been skeptical about the world around me.

What topics interest you the most?

I am interested in daily events and their meaningfulness to uncovering the mysteriousness of our lives. I believe intuition opens your eyes to the supernatural. Following that gut feeling usually guides you to your destined path. Also, the law of attraction interests me greatly, because it is indeed a reality that cannot be denied. Positive thinking attracts positive events and negative thinking or vibrations attract negative events.

Can you summarize your philosophical outlook in 50 words or less?

Nothing is absolute in this world, everything is relative. Ideas become absolute when the mind limits itself to societal norms and standards. The "truth" is what you make it to be, and it becomes your reality, which may define your sense of happiness or imprison you from all other potential opportunities in life. Despite the unpredictability of life, we try to impose control over events or dream of a nostalgic past or a bright future where circumstances seemed somewhat more glorious. This is a way to escape reality's anxieties and fears to connect with our higher self, God or at least the idea of perfection.

Your favorite book?

All of Paulo Coelho books


"Wisdom is knowing that you know nothing" Aristotle

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