NH Ice Fest 2014: North Conway, NH ( Saturday Climbing Only )

NH Ice Fest: Ice climbing festival in No, Conway NH

Note:    Saturday     Climbing Only…!!!

There is three Meetups for this weekend... One for each day.. Fri - Sun..

Sign up for those days you want to climb... Signing up for one Meetup doesn't carry over to all other days...

2014 BENEFICIARY IS: American Alpine Club  (AAC)

 This Ice fest is for all abilities.. Beginner  --- Advance Climbers.. If you enjoy ice climbing and enjoy the alpine lifestyle you will enjoy a weekend at the festival... 

The Team's:    Everyone Gets Wait Listed..!!!

As always the size of the Meetup is based on how many people the area can handle & the number of lead climbers who RSVP for the Meetup....!

For each lead climber we need one experienced belayer and then we can add one newbie climber/Follower.

Its always the understanding that the "Newbie/Follower" as at a minimum has climbed on ice before with a guide service or other. Also, has knowledge of the climbing knots and all the gear required for climbing ice. From the Experienced Belayer we ask, to the show the newbie how too clean gear and climb past challenges on the route, Etc.  Both the leader and the Belayer assist the Newbie/Follower and keep a eye out for their lack of experience.

Sign up...  First to RSVP is the first to fill a opening based on experience needed.

Questions @ RSVP:

You must answer all the questions! Too be a candidate for any trips. All we want to know is are you a leader or follower? Climbing grade that you can climb, if a leader? Your contact info? Also, the agreement and understanding that you read the waiver and the risks

If they are not answered I will have to overlook you being an attendee... Sorry

Link to the climbing Teams:


There is three (3) Meetups for this weekend... One for each day.. Make sure you are on the correct day that you want to Attend...!!!

Hotel/Motel Stay:

Link: http://www.nereledgeinn.com/

Great place and very climber friendly!

Many other places just minutes away...

Link: http://www.kayak.com/#/hotels/North-Conway,NH-c32305/[masked]/[masked]/2guests


Jay/I plan on crashing in the back of my truck. Shit Bag style!

Note: We car campers or Tent folks have a location just outside town to crash each night. Get in touch with me for details... Will also email to the group all this info the Thursday before the fest....

Estimated Drive Time: 3 Hours from Boston

Things to do at the Fest:

There will be guide services available through the Festival many famous and crazy strong climbers showing you how to be Bad-Ass.... If you do go to the Festival for the clinic's you will find many organized classes. Many of the clinic's cover topics like, Glacier travel, Anchor building, Snow Shoe Mountaineering trips, even ski kite sailing! So, many more!

For the folks not taking clinics or climbing with a professional guides. us other climbers weak'er humans will find plenty of climbing of all abilities in some of the other lesser known areas to climb to stay away from the crowds that rarely get to when in No Conway. Several areas for top roping options for the overflow of followers...

As a group:

If you are of climbing "Only" Interest "Not" going to take a clinic, and need a partner for the day. I will try to pair up climbers into teams. Either for multie pitch climbing on water ice (or) Alpine climbing - Snow & easy Ice (or) Top Rope only all as leaders are available. As only I can only pair up climbers as I have lead climbers available to the day of climbing and which I can pair up new-ish climbers.

Post Pairing overflow of followers will need to get on Top roping locations. which there is many. Fun and challenging and sloping and easy places we just need leaders.

Always can email me for Q&A


The Plan:




7:00 am  Speak with your Lead Climber for a good location for Breakfast in a Location convenient to the climbing for the day out with your team.

Breakfast Location Suggestions:   

Climbing off the Kank 

Bea's Cafe in Conway NH  on route 16 White Mountain Highway. ** Just south of MB Tractor where route 16 & 113 intersect. In a large plaza.

 Pinkham Notch or Frankenstien

Glen Junction 12 US Rt 302. ** At intersection of route 16 & 302.

Sunrise Shack 644 White Mountain Hwy. **On route 16 just before the turn off for Jackson or Pinkham Notch.

8:00 am Ice Fest Guided climbing and Clinics Meet – IME Welcome's Climbers
ALL COURSES meet at IME on 2733 Main Street in North Conway Village for gear check, outfitting, and clinic orientation.


8:00 am Meetup Members Meet: We pair up for those arriving early and get out climbing.

**Check Climbing Team List.** To see who your partnered with...!

** Note** Start to get off the cliff at 3:30pm for meeting for group dinner at 5pm.


3:30 - 5:00 pm. Soup served from NEice.com at IME & check out all the vendors tables showing off the gear.. Maybe pick up some free stuff?


5:00 - 6:00 pm - Meetup Mountaineers - Group Dinner

@ Flat Bread Pizza Company 27 White Mountain Highway  No Conway, NH

** We have a group Reservation ** You must pre-register here..

Cost of Dinner will be split evenly among-st the member's attending. All drinks or Alcohol will be paid by each individuality person separately.


7:00 - 9:00 pm Slide Show

Location: Theater In The Wood, Intervale, NH @ GPS:[masked], [masked]

Cost: $10:00


Featured Presentation:  TIM EMMETT


9:00 - 11:00 pm ??? Dance Party.

Location: Theater In The Wood, Intervale, NH @ GPS:[masked], [masked]






7:00 am Breakfast @ ??? TBD


8:00 am Ice Fest Guided climbing and Clinics Meet – IME Welcome's Climbers
ALL COURSES meet at IME on 2733 Main Street in North Conway Village for gear check, outfitting, and clinic orientation.


8:00 amMeetup Members Meet: We pair up for those arriving early and get out climbing.

**Check Climbing Team List.** To see who your partnered with...!


4:00 - 5:00 pm Roll home fulfilled with great memories starting the wait for next years Ice Fest.


Ice festival Links:

#1:  http://www.mwv-icefest.com/

#2:  http://www.mwv-icefest.com/blog/



More Info: as it becomes available I will post...


Waiver:  Read !!!

Be Warned!

Mountaineering, Skiing – Alpine or Back Country, Rock & Ice Climbing. Even Hiking can be by its very nature is an extremely hazardous activity.

Falling off any part of a climbing route or bouldering challenge or other associated activity's, hiking or backpacking to a destination could result in injury or death. Weather, it be Trail conditions, or be it a slip on a trail or falling objects like rocks, climbing gear or tree’s from above, including avalanche, can all incur injuries’ and/or death. You are always attending at your own risk!

Any information on this Meetup group page is for the basic understanding of what could be encountered. We do not guaranty any type of accuracy on this information. You should always, seek your own additional resources of information for any Meetup.  You as an active member! Perhaps? lacking any of the following, experienced knowledge, professional training, good judgment, moral caricature or a conscious or even good . We or anyone on any Meetup-Mountaineers cannot be held responsible in anyway.

When arriving at any Meetup you should always use your own best judgment. Weather or not the conditions “ both physical or mental” are in your best interests. The judgment, Is this a place you should or shouldn’t be?

If you get hurt! Don’t even think about blaming someone else. You made all the decisions and where warned.  Stepping out of bed and driving to the meeting location. Too walk up to the activity and participate is on you. We are not guides or leaders in any event held. Just the organizers of finding a meeting location that people with similar interests can meet and socialize and participate in doing activities in which we have chosen an interest in performing..

It’s always your right to back out at any time and live the good life at home in front of the television for the day….

That said have fun! Play safely! And take the responsibility of your own actions.

The Organizers…



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  • Jay B.

    LOL.... Look at those mugs online...


    February 20

  • Jacki

    Sad that demo gear ran out but otherwise great!

    February 4

  • James L.

    Great day. Thanks Jay.

    February 4

  • Jeff B.

    Chris and Kristie were great climbing partners on Saturday. Great day outside!

    1 · February 3

  • Kristie W.

    Awesome weekend! My first NH Ice Fest, Jay did a fantastic job of organizing great teams, Jeff Booth big shout out for leading Saturday, Chris Charron great climbing partner! Did not think we would get out Sunday with the truck fail, but Jay, Graham, and I made it too Standard Route in the afternoon and took the hard way up, success and great challenge!!

    February 3

  • Ben

    Piggy backing on Tom (but using protection of course), just wanted to give a big thanks to Jay for organizing this meetup, I'm sure there's all kinds of behind the scenes work and thought that went into this endeavour, it's all too easy for the rest of us to take that for granted, so thanks Jay! Big thanks to the boys who convinced me to get on shoestring gully and thanks to Bob Sullivan for passing me the screws for my first multi-pitch ice lead! What a swell guy! Great weekend, Brilliant.

    3 · February 3

  • Tom S.

    Yes, awesome weekend. Wanted to reach out to you again Jay and thank you for all the effort you put forward for organizing these events. It means alot that you can teach people like myself and give those, who haven't even yet caught the ice bug, access to the sport. Thanks Jeff Booth for a great day climbing and showing me the crawford notch spots and trying to get me onto the sharp end. Thanks courtney and geoff for a great day of multipitch. Presentations were good and won a set of screamers, couldn't have asked for a better time.

    2 · February 3

  • Jay B.

    Wow! What a super weekend at the MWV Ice Fest... Thanks so much for all the help that everyone provided getting every single person who asked to get out climbing out on the ice this weekend... For all you newcomers, welcome and hope I see you and get to enjoy more fun times out in the mountains... Cheers to everyone...

    1 · February 3

  • Robrrt D. S.

    Thanks Ken for another great climbing meet up. Nice call finishing up on Elephant Gully. Good luck with the editing project!

    February 2

  • Justin V.

    Is there a way to please add one more guest for dinner? One of my friends is also climbing with our group and she forgot to RSVP. She is a great friend of my girlfriend and me and all of us are climbing. Please let me know and thanks so much!

    January 31

  • Ken D.

    I would like to meet up with other folks in the Meetup for breakfast at 7 AM. I know where Bea's is (43°[masked]', -71° 6.989' using Google Maps). But, since I'd like to climb in Crawford Notch, Sunrise Shack is the choice. After searching on the Web and a call to the restaurant, I found out that it located at 44° 6.740', -71°[masked]' (using Google Maps). It used to be a BBQ place. It's on 302/16, about 0.5 miles east of the intersection of 302 and 16 in Glen/Bartlett (which contains the DQ, Irving, and Grant Supermarket), on the left-hand side. My team (Robert) and others can meet there at 7 AM. I have no firm plan on what we will do; we'll play it by ear. But, there are a lot of choices (except Willey's, which we did last year).

    January 31

  • James L.

    For the people meeting me on Saturday. My number is[masked] 9927. Jay, I think a correction on the spreadsheet is needed for that but I can't make the change from my phone at the moment.

    January 31

  • Tom S.

    Jay - Sorry to throw this into the mix. Four climbers from my gym are coming on Saturday hoping to top-rope, they told me they are certain, and contacting ems/ime today for rentals. Can I drop from multi with Chris and Jeff Booth, and either split the top-rope group (me & geoff nichols take 1/2) or bump off on my own with this party. None of them are meetup members, but I can probably get at least one or two of them to signup for organizational purpose. Sorry for the confusion with teams, just trying to give an opportunity for some climbers to exp on ice. Let me know.

    January 28

    • Geoff N.

      I will be there to help in anyway and I have ropes and gear for 2 more setups

      January 28

    • Jay B.

      Hey Tom.. I will pair down the teams etc.. I will place you as the lead organizer for your friends.. I will not be able to do anymoving till tomorrow night.. FYI

      January 29

  • David F

    anyone driving from somerville/cambridge area for one day and can pick me up? i live right off 93.

    January 27, 2014

    • Courtney D.

      I am likely headed up saturday morning. but i will be staying over night. I can give you a ride up if someone else can bring you home.

      January 27, 2014

  • Jay B.

    Just a FYI Demos will not be available till 8:30am after the clinics have gotten out the door at IME. So its get there at 8:30am and get out with what you need... I letting your organizer & Assistant organizer know that your meeting times will be about 10am where ever they choose.. I hope the assistant can meet you at IME and help get you too the correct parking lot.

    January 24, 2014

    • James L.

      I will be at IME at 8am Sat for a quick head count and if anyone needs any quick assistance with anything. After that I will head over to Frankenstein and set up. Last year it was roughly an hour and a half for picking up demo gear, so I would like to use that time more efficiently to set up ropes, this year. My original plan was to bypass IME altogether, as I mentioned, but I will make a quick stop in to IME to make sure those climbing with me are getting squared away.

      January 26, 2014

  • Jay B.

    Question to toprope-ers Rebecca Katz
    Justin S. Voldman
    Jacqueline Callahan
    Kim Callahan What is your plan for gear. I need to know. Have you set up rentals? Going to try to demo free gear from fest? Or other? Please fill me in..

    January 24, 2014

    • Kim

      We are going to try for demos...and rent if we cant get them. Last year we got everything we needed as demos.

      January 25, 2014

    • James L.

      My plan is to go straight to Frankenstein in the morning on Saturday, and get ropes set up for the topropers. Does anyone have any issues with meeting there after gear rentals?

      January 25, 2014

  • Jay B.

    Hey FYI... When checking out the meetups on a PC. When you scroll down the list of up and coming meetups. there is a faint tab at the bottom just between the list of Up & coming and Past Meetups.. Named " More Meetups" Click it each time you reach the bottom of the current list of up & coming trips. it gets missed often or overlooked. :-)

    January 25, 2014

  • Daniel Arnold G.

    I need to cancel my participation in this event. I am sorry for the inconvenience that it might cause!

    January 24, 2014

  • Bill

    The announcement is:
    5:00 - 6:00 pm - Meetup Mountaineers - Group Dinner

    @ Flat Bread Pizza Company 27 White Mountain Highway No Conway, NH

    ** We have a group Reservation ** You must pre-register here..

    Cost of Dinner will be split evenly among-st the member's attending. All drinks or Alcohol will be paid by each individuality person separately.

    Nowhere in there is there anywhere to click on in order to register for the pizza dinner.

    January 24, 2014

    • Jay B.

      :-) Its a secret... No its really not... Its a whole other meetup which is posted for the same Saturday... Here is a link: http://www.meetup.com...­

      January 24, 2014

  • Zac D.

    So am i free soloing? hahaha

    January 23, 2014

    • Zac D.

      @ Ben, I guess I do need a second...come along and join! I have some cool stuff eyed, but down for whatever, maybe even get you on a lead for a pitch!
      @ Jay, Ill take a 3rd if they can follow 4+

      January 24, 2014

    • Tom S.

      oh god, we missed that left turn over the bridge last year, long day......

      January 24, 2014

  • Jay B.

    Hey Everyone... Ok so I pushed all the folks onto teams... Not finalized just yet have some gaps. But I know we will have more sign up in the next week or more... I posted Meetups for Friday and Sunday.. Way to confusing the way I posted this originally.. So if you looking to get out more then Sat you do need to go over and RSVP... Also I posted something wrong give me a email and I can fix it up in a jiffy... Thanks

    January 22, 2014

  • Jay B.

    FYI, you all are going to see stuff happen today. Posts and emails.. Working out the NH Ice fest teams etc and have made a choice to do some moving around to eliminate some confusion.. Give me today to work on it and tonight if you tune in and see your in a wrong spot or not listed when you want to be get a hold of me or email... Time to start the puzzle...

    January 22, 2014

  • Jay B.

    Check this month out..

    2 · January 22, 2014

  • Erin

    Hi there- I just signed up and I'd like to be in the same group as Bec Katz, Jackie Callahan and Justin Voldman.

    1 · January 21, 2014

  • Zac D.

    I can offer gear... however have my sights set on leading Broken Glass with another brave soul or 2...

    January 14, 2014

    • Jay B.

      It will cost you a Jack! And I like it on ice ...

      January 15, 2014

    • Zac D.


      January 15, 2014

  • David F

    Jay, I'd like to help with lead or tr however cannot commit at this point. Will know better one week prior to the ice fest.

    1 · January 15, 2014

  • Tom S.

    Hey Jay I'm up for any help I can offer, should have my own rope by then as well

    1 · January 14, 2014

  • Chris C.

    I'm also up for helping the tr day.

    1 · January 14, 2014

  • Catherine A.

    Jay, I'll meet you all for dinner on Sat. eve, but I think I'll be doing a workshop that day. Cheers, c

    1 · January 14, 2014

  • Alfonso

    Hey Jay, wouldn't mind helping out with top rope on Saturday any way I can.

    1 · January 14, 2014

    • Jay B.

      Ok, Thanks for the help... I will be in touch once I have a game plan.

      January 14, 2014

  • Jay B.

    Hey Candice... here is a link to the gear list... http://files.meetup.com/1688204...­

    Under the tab "more" then the tab "files" you will always find the recommended gear lists for most of our events.

    1 · January 12, 2014

  • Candice C.

    Hey Jay is there a gear list for this climb? Minimum required etc?

    January 12, 2014

  • Jay B.

    Hey Climbers.... I posted a Meetup just for the Group dinner at Flat bread... I know I asked you on the questions. But its was becoming hard to keep track and some didn't answer clearly.. So to make it easy on me I just created a separate Meetup for that portion of the event... So if you would like to do the pizza party. you will need to sign up on that Meetup... Thanks

    January 10, 2014

    • Jeff B.

      Thanks for organizing the whole event Jay, I have a hard time keeping track of RSVPs for half a dozen people for a 6 hour event, cannot imagine trying to manage the whole weekend with multiple events and so on. I signed up for pizza Saturday night, it was fun last year, looking forward to it this year.

      January 11, 2014

    • Jay B.

      Show no fear my friend.. :-)

      2 · January 11, 2014

  • Lisa

    Turns out I have other plans :( next time

    January 11, 2014

  • Jay B.

    Hi All, So I moved over my only lead climbers so far.. I am going to give some more time for those who didn't answer the question fill them out.
    Catherine, K (We would like to see a Name), Lisa, Nicole, Sheri

    Directions to add you info/Answer Question’s:

    Click "Change Your RSVP"

    Keep your RSVP marked "Yes"

    Click " RSVP"

    Next screen will have those questions. Please fill out.

    Once you do I will be notified of your updated RSVP.

    Thank You. It helps greatly in creating the fun in all the Meetup’s and limiting extra work for the volunteers who are organizing on their free time.

    1 · January 10, 2014

  • mike

    I have never gone ice climbing before. I own winter gear, but not ice climbing specific gear. Could I still go? I can only make it on the 31st.

    January 4, 2014

    • Jay B.

      Mike, Best to do a intro clinic.. They will give you all the gear and the starter class knowledge to learn how to climb ice. Its a little heavy on equipment and costly to start. But cheaper then skiing. If you do do the intro still of course welcome to attend the pizza party at Flat Bread and the slide shows etc.. Just without the gear I cant put you on a climbing team till you have some super basic experience and the gear.... Of course if things change in the next couple weeks let me know we would love to have you out there climbing with us...

      January 7, 2014

  • Bec K.

    I am excited! I would love to be in the same climbing group sat as Jackie Callahan and Justin Voldman (and also Kim Callahan if she ends up coming)

    December 30, 2013

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