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Closing Time - Semisonic

By Semisonic

Adobe Acrobat file 76K Rich C. Aug 15, 2014

Cold, Cold Heart

Hank released this song on February 2, 1951. He claimed that he'd written it in about an hour, but the melody was copped note for note from T. Texas Tyler's 1945 recording of "You'll Still Be In My Heart,"..hmm.... still a great song

Adobe Acrobat file 12K Stephen A. May 2, 2012


folkie classic by Donovan. Originally in E, but here in D so it's easier to sing. Added missing verse(thank FiL). Added into and solo break. Changed to D by popular demand.

Adobe Acrobat file 6K Alan Z May 9, 2010

Come A Little Bit Closer


Adobe Acrobat file 67K bob c. Apr 30, 2012

Come and Get Your Love

A pop confection from 1974 that I find strangely compelling. Electric sitar optional. [5/24/12: Fixed last chord.]

Adobe Acrobat file 33K FiL May 24, 2012

Come Monday

Adobe Acrobat file 77K jim Sep 9, 2010

Come See About Me

It was a hard find, but finally someone posted the chords for this!

Word file 27K A former member Mar 11, 2011

Comes a Time

Another Neil Young great. Stan..rosin up the bow! [1/9/13: Minor updates]

Adobe Acrobat file 6K FiL Jan 9, 2013

Comfortably Numb chords

comfortably numb by pink floyd

Adobe Acrobat file 25K Charles W. Jun 5, 2014

Coming Into Los Angeles

Adobe Acrobat file 106K jim Oct 17, 2010

Compadres In The Old Sierra Madre

Adobe Acrobat file 45K Ed L. Sep 7, 2013

Cortez the Killer

A Neil Young & Crazy Horse epic from 1975's Zuma, formatted and with minor lyric corrections.

Adobe Acrobat file 7K FiL Jan 21, 2010

Cotton Fields

I was trying out my beat-up old 12-string, and somehow this fell out. I combined a couple of different versions and added a repeat of the first verse (and a "river style" ending for Ed). Key of E, but easy enough to transpose if that doesn't work.

Adobe Acrobat file 17K Joe H. Feb 8, 2011

Country Girl

Country Girl by Neil Young. His song formats are not very standard, but I think this does a good job of capturing the song

Adobe Acrobat file 20K A former member Feb 26, 2011

Country Honk

From Let It Bleed, the original, acoustic version of "Honky Tonk Women".

Adobe Acrobat file 6K FiL Jul 12, 2010

Country Road

Country Road- J. Taylor

Adobe Acrobat file 7K A former member Jan 2, 2010

Cowgirl In The Sand

by Neil Youg. It has a palm muted, syncopated beat that you can really get in to. Reformatted with some chord/tab corrections.

Adobe Acrobat file 9K Alan Z Jan 20, 2010

Cracklin' Rosie-Neil Diamond

Neil Diamond

Adobe Acrobat file 70K Rich C. Sep 5, 2013

Crazy Love

Easy playin' Poco hit!

Adobe Acrobat file 78K angelo Aug 24, 2011


All time great country song. Written by Willie Nelson, a #1 hit for Patsy Cline. Here in the key of C as Willie does it, Patsy does it in Bb. For simplicity I omitted key shift up a half step for the last verse, chords are complicated enough as is.

Adobe Acrobat file 12K Alan Z Oct 6, 2009

Creeque Alley

This should be good for our group vocals.

Adobe Acrobat file 15K FiL Jun 15, 2011

Crocodile Rock

The Elton John classic from the '70s. File replaced on 8/6/13 after converting to NJAMP format.

Adobe Acrobat file 69K Rich C. Aug 6, 2013

Cruel Monday Morning

Chords & lyrics to original blues song. [9/13/2011: Converted to PDF]

Adobe Acrobat file 15K FiL Sep 13, 2011

Dancing in the Moonlight

King Harvest

Adobe Acrobat file 16K Alma R. Jul 2, 2012

Danny Boy

The Irish classic, added by request.

Adobe Acrobat file 16K FiL Mar 15, 2011

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