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Forever Summer

An original summer song --- think Beach Boys. Even I had trouble singing this in the original key, after it modulates up, so I added a version in G. I think I can handle it capo'd on 3; 2 may be better. (modified 4/16/2013).

Adobe Acrobat file 33K Joe H. Apr 16, 2013

Take It To The Limit

Another Eagles classic. Here in G original was in B, so use capo on 4 to play along with the record. Added by request. Some chord corrections. Thanks FiL.

Adobe Acrobat file 8K Alan Z Jun 7, 2010

Turn the Page

by Bob Seger. Added by request.

Adobe Acrobat file 7K Alan Z May 25, 2010

Sweet Virginia

This is a favorite Rolling Stones song of mine from Exile on Main Street. (Now in correct key.)

Adobe Acrobat file 12K FiL May 25, 2010

I'm Yours

Jason Mraz's recent hit. Great song but a bit of a challenge to sing with all the scat improvisation. The single was in B but Jason sometimes performs it live in A like this version. Added a version in D as well.

Adobe Acrobat file 10K Alan Z Sep 8, 2011


Hank Williams goes Cajun.

Adobe Acrobat file 6K FiL May 27, 2010

Spirit in the Sky - Norman Greenbaum

Norman Greenbaum's one big hit. [3/6/13: Fixed chord placement, shortened intro & outro]

Adobe Acrobat file 35K FiL Mar 6, 2013

Love in Vain

Rolling Stones Version [Reformatted, 11/22/11]

Adobe Acrobat file 33K FiL Nov 22, 2011

Give Me One Reason

Give me ONe Reason Tracy Chapman Revised

Adobe Acrobat file 32K Tom Jun 7, 2010

Susie Call

Another one of mine (thanks Bob!)

Adobe Acrobat file 15K Joe H. Jun 2, 2010

I Shall Be Released

There are many ways to play this Dylan song. This version is similar to the way Jerry Garcia played it.

Adobe Acrobat file 15K FiL Jun 2, 2010

Wagon Wheel

Old Crow Medicine Show song partially based on an unreleased Bob Dylan fragment. We will do the song in the key of A, but I've also included a version in G for those who want to capo up to the second fret and avoid the F#m.

Adobe Acrobat file 19K FiL Jun 2, 2010

Fire And Rain

by James Taylor. Added to celebrate my going to see JT (and Carole King) next week. JT plays it in C using a capo on the third fret.

Adobe Acrobat file 11K Alan Z Jun 6, 2010


SteamRoller James Taylor

Adobe Acrobat file 60K Tom Jun 7, 2010


from Paul Simon's first solo album. I may have to break out my recorder for the solo.

Adobe Acrobat file 7K Alan Z Jun 7, 2010

The Mountain

From the acoustic album Steve Earle recorded with the Del McCoury Band, this miner's lament was later covered by the Band's Levon Helm in a very different arrangement. Uploaded by request.

Adobe Acrobat file 8K FiL Jun 7, 2010

Homeward Bound

Homward Bound Simon & Garfunkel

Adobe Acrobat file 77K autumn Jun 9, 2010


This is a great alt-country song from the Old '97s. I play it with G chords, capoed on the third fret so it is in Bb. [1/15/2010: Minor formatting changes to make it easier to follow.]

Adobe Acrobat file 8K FiL Jan 15, 2011

You Can't Get That Stuff No More

A fun little blue popularized by Tampa Red. This version is based on the cover by Barrence Whitfiled and Tom Russell from their excellent "Hillbily Voodoo" collaboration from 1993.

Adobe Acrobat file 7K FiL Jun 24, 2010


Bob Cole asked for originals, so here's one I played right after dinner at the last Mannion's meetup.

Adobe Acrobat file 8K FiL Jun 22, 2010

I Hear Them All

Another fine song from Old Crow Medicine Show, added by request.

Adobe Acrobat file 8K FiL Jun 22, 2010

Every Day

A great Buddy Holly hit, covered by James Taylor in 1985. The James Taylor version is more complicated (and a whole-step higher), so I went for the simpler Buddy Holly version. The first verse is a cappella, accompanied only by light percussion.

Adobe Acrobat file 17K Joe H. Jun 25, 2010

Shower the People

Fil and I talked about this James Taylor hit from 1976 at Mannion's last week. I haven't worked out the guitar solo yet (perhaps someone else can), but I wanted to get it posted before this Sunday's meetup.

Adobe Acrobat file 18K Joe H. Jun 25, 2010

My Girl

Seeing "Under the Boardwalk" in the files made me think of this song. Fun for a group to belt out the chorus! Reformated as a pdf. Change to key of C like the Temptation original. Added solo and change to key of D for last verse and chorus.

Adobe Acrobat file 6K Alan Z Jun 27, 2010

I Won't Back Down

Another great Tom Petty tune with "attitude".

Adobe Acrobat file 6K Alan Z Jun 28, 2010

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