Brooklyn, NY

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June 20, 2011

What comics do you read regularly and what are your all-time favorites?

I only started seriously reading comics a year ago, but I <3 Detective Comics and Batman and Robin. I've been getting into American Vampire and I just discovered Jason Aaron's Astonish Spiderman and Wolverine. I rely on trades a lot, being such a newb to buying issues - I'm reading my way through Doom Patrol, Scott Pilgrim, DMZ, Madame Xanadu, Irredeemable, Chew, The Umbrella Academy and Sweet Tooth. Sandman was what got me into comics and I'll always love it for that. Beasts of Burden totally blew me away, and WE3 made me all weepy (guess I have a thing for adorable animals in terrible danger). I love the Batman Knightfall arc in all its cheesy epicness. Blankets is gorgeous.

What writers and artists are you a fan of?

Frank Quitely, Paul Pope, Grant Morrison, Neil Gaiman, Alan Moore, Scott Snyder, Amy Reeder, Frzer Irving, Jill Thompson, Jock, Jason, Lynda Barry, probs more whom I'm forgetting. There's lots of love to go around.

What titles do you want to read in the future?

X-Men: First Class convinced me I should get into Marvel. I also want to get into the entire Dark Horse/Hellboy/BPRD thing. Generally if I hear something is good, I want to read it.


I'm Katie, I live in Prospect Heights, and living near a serious comic book store for the first time in my life is having a serious effect on my wallet.

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