Jersey City, NJ
Hometown: Syracuse, NY

Member since:

August 14, 2013

How long have you been playing D&D? or new to D&D? What edition do you prefer to play? 4th ed., 3.5, other?

Since August 2013. I prefer 5E, but I will play 3.5 as well.

What's your Favorite Book? (D&D related or not)

My favorite D&D book is either the 5E DMG or the 3.0 Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting. Both do exactly what they set out to do.

How often would you prefer to play? monthly, weekly, daily, at night, on weekends

In a dream world I would play once a week and run once a week, but my schedule will never allow it... so basically as often as I can manage.

What's your favorite class to play? Wizards, Fighters, Rogues, Priests etc.

I have actually DM'd more than played, so I'm really not sure. As long as I feel useful to the party and not redundant I'm probably having a fun time.

Have you ever been the Dungeon Master? Would you like to be a Dungeon Master?

Yep! I love to DM. I have an always-in-progress homebrew setting that I am pretty proud of, but I also enjoy running stuff in the Forgotten Realms. Not at all familiar with other settings.


Hi! I'm a nerd who likes fantasy games, rolling dice, and storytelling.

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