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From: James L
Sent on: Tuesday, June 12, 2012 4:53 PM

The meetup is going to start announcing all low level games. Low level games are a perfect place for new meetup members to learn how to play and to meet meetup regulars.

This message is going to every single member. In the future, all announcement messages will only go to people on the "Mailing List".

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On the right side of the NYC D&D Meetup page, there's a drop-down link that says "My Profile" and under it you can pick "Email Settings". In that section, you can pick to have emails that go to the "mailing list" sent as one daily digest, or as each one is sent, or you can choose to not receive them at all.


Recently we ran a whole lot of "D&D Next" playtests. I think the demand was filled, but if there are still more people interested, go visit the General Forums and say so. We're also looking for DMs willing to run playtests.


In September we have a DM who is going to run the first part of a brand new 4E published adventure for level 1 characters: "Halls of Undermountain" It is expected to be once a week in the evenings for 4 weeks.
Commonly referred to as the "Mad Mage", Halastar Blackcloak's greatest accomplishment was his construction of the dungeon "Undermountain" at the foot of Mount Waterdeep. Halaster, a powerful wizard, summoned demons to construct the largest and most deadly dungeon imaginable. Halaster later succumbed to madness and left his dungeon to travel the planes. Undermountain has taken on a life of its own. Many different denizens have taken up residences during the many years of its existence. Most of the insidious and imaginative traps are still fully functioning, and incredible wealth is there for the few willing to risk their lives.

See the game here, it is not first-come-first-served. Players who have never played at the meetups before get priority since it is level 1. Read more here about how we reserve seats.

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