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  • NYC Data Science Academy

     I took the Data Science by R programming (beginner level) class taught by Vivian. The class material was very well organized and consisted of tips and tricks that only someone who has worked extensively with R would know, some undocumented features included. The course, home work, and project are quite intensive, so be prepared to put the time in; but when you are done, you will be a much more valuable professional! It's all well worth the effort and hard work. The beginner course has set the stage for me to take the next level data mining class, which I am eagerly looking forward to. 

    Jiten on Aug 7, 2014.

  • NYC Data Science Academy

     I took the beginner level Python class with John Downs and really had a great experience. John is very knowledgeable about Python and programming in general, and was able to be helpful to students of all levels in the class. The exercises in class and the homework got our hands dirty with the language and the final project was a great way to create a real result by the end of the course. Overall it was challenging, but a valuable intro to a useful tool that was easier to approach with real-life sessions than self-study demos on my own. I'll definitely take classes with NYC Data Science Academy in the future and would recommend it to my friends. 

    Sasha on Jun 25, 2014.

  • NYC Data Science Academy

     I took the first offering of Data Science using Python a few weeks ago, and definitely recommend it to anyone who loves hands-on learning with some guidance. Let me explain: Last year, I took Coursera's Machine Learning/Intro to Data Science courses and did well, but did not do a hands-on project that would enable me to retain a lot of knowledge. But this course required me to pick a detailed project and present it to a live audience, who then determined whether I did well or not. So I learned how to do web scraping, extract social media API data, write object-oriented Python, utilize a NoSQL database (MongoDB) to store results, and finally create visualizations in D3 and HighCharts. And then the pressure to present well, just to pass the class. Our instructor John was competent, knowledgeable and helpful, and covered a variety of useful tools like Pandas and Scikit Learn, including machine learning algorithms. And Vivian is always pushing us harder to do better. Sounds familiar? :) 

    Kannan on May 25, 2014.

  • NYC Data Science Academy

     Before taking Vivian's R Intensive beginner course, I had no experience in programming and I was just someone who was interested in data visualization in more sophisticated ways than making bar graphs in Excel. The class was really intense. A lot of preview and review would be needed to keep up with the 5 weeks long course, but Vivian always lifted our spirits up and consistently provided necessary help, online and offline, literally anytime we needed. After completion of the class, I am still not used to myself who can confidently use various packages and functions to come up with different kinds of data visualization and manipulation. This is indescribably great feeling and Vivian’s voice “delivery is our goal” echoes in my head now. Creation is pure joy (though the process could be painful). I think taking this course was one of the best investments I made in my life, and it could not be it if that was not brought by you, Vivian. Thank you so much!! 

    Aki on May 17, 2014.

  • NYC Data Science Academy

     I completed the Intensive beginner course for R and I highly recommend it! I've learned a lot in 5 weeks and I can say that I am now an R convert (from SAS). I've learned so many functions and packages that I am now able to use them confidently at work. Vivian was also a great, hard working teacher who encouraged every one in the class to study harder which means she really cared that that her students would become great data scientists sooner than later. I like the class so much I am now taking the R intermediate class. 

    Marifel C. on May 16, 2014.

  • NYC Data Science Academy

     Very informative class. Vivian uses intensive exercises and hand-on practices to make sure you understand how to use the packages she teaches! 

    Roger H. on May 16, 2014.

  • NYC Data Science Academy

     I just completed the Data Science Academy intensive beginner course for R. Vivian Zhang is the most committed teacher I've ever had. Yes, she meticulously prepares class materials (which I still refer to daily), and she is expert in all areas of data science, but beyond all this, Vivian has her heart set on every one of her students succeeding. She makes herself available during the week to support the learning process - whether through office hours, hangouts, or email. She is always sitting on your shoulder, pushing you and rooting for you. I'd never coded before, and after five weeks I am able to get myself around in R (well, yes, as a beginner still), and have been able to start using it as a tool in my work as a statistician. Kudos to Vivian and to NYC Data Science Academy! 

    Janet K. on May 8, 2014.

  • NYC Data Science Academy

     The R class is an accelerated approach to very useful programming language, which will prepare you for the world of data science. In 5 weeks time, I am amazed at how much I learned about R. Although 7 hours a session may feel hefty, once you're in the class time will fly by. Sessions split time between lecture and hands-on exercises, so you have lots of time to ask questions. Homework assignments are manageable - Vivian is very accessible should you have a question by email or in-person office hours. The class ends with a Demo Day of a project of your choice. You will access real data from the Internet using APIs and analyze this information and ways you never would have thought possible using Excel or even SQL! I highly recommend taking a class with the NYC Data Science Academy if you want to become a data scientist! 

    Harrison A. on Mar 19, 2014.

  • NYC Data Science Academy

     I just finished the 002 session of the beginner R class. We certainly got a lot of "bang for our buck", because Vivian is preeminent in the field of data science, and she was able to move through a lot of material very quickly. She worked extremely hard in preparing well organized slides, and for me the key was to go through the day's presentation, provided beforehand, during the week prior to the class, running all the code and seeing what it does. This allows you to keep up and absorb her lesson when you get into class. In addition to getting a solid start on the use of R, the class also provided valuable insight into the field of data science, which is a career into which I am interested in transitioning. Lastly, Vivian made herself available to us weekly for extra help, either in person or via web interaction, which was much appreciated. Like I said, she is very dedicated and works extremely hard at seemingly everything she does. Thanks Vivian! 

    David R. on Mar 4, 2014.

  • NYC Data Science Academy

      I attended the beginner's workshop for R and I found it extremely useful. The classes were very well organized. The slides were well paced with many practical examples. I especially like the hands on format of the class, you work through the slides on your laptop. I had very little knowledge of R before and I learned many tools during the course. I was particularly interested in the visualization tools. Since the course, I have used some of the charting tools that I learned in my presentations at work as well. Both Scott and Vivian did an excellent job teaching R basics. They were very helpful and answered questions in person, email and piazza (online platform where we would post our solutions). Vivian also shared with the class a lot of material and practical examples. I would highly recommend this course to users who are interested in learning R. 

    heena d on Feb 26, 2014.

  • NYC Data Science Academy

     NYC Data Science Academy provided me great exposure to data science topics that I haven't come across in either school or previous jobs. The hands-on assignments are practical and make use of real-world examples. As product development is becoming more data-driven, it will be crucial for product teams to have a solid grasp of data analysis which NYC Data Science Academy fills the knowledge/skill gap. 

    Donald F. on Feb 4, 2014.

  • NYC Data Science Academy

     The Introductory R class covered a broad range of information, and for a statistics and programming newbie like me, was indispensable for coming up to speed on a variety of related subject matter. Vivian is passionate about R, open data, statistics, etc.. Her enthusiasm is contagious! 

    Jasna on Jan 28, 2014.

  • NYC Data Science Academy

     I took the Introductory R five week class offered in Winter 2013. It was a great learning experience. The class time alternated between presentation and practice which was extremely valuable because allowed time to practice and digest the material. Scott presented the topics gradually and in a logical order. It was also a great resource to have Vivian available to answer questions during the class and in the weeks between classes. It was a very generous amount of resources provided. Thanks. 

    David on Jan 21, 2014.

  • NYC Data Science Academy

     Super helpful. Vivian is a fantastic teacher. She really pushes everyone to dig in and start solving problems. 

    Annaliese W. on Nov 24, 2013.

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