Rules and Disclaimers

Rules and Disclaimers for
NYC Photographers
Updated: March 20, 2015

1. BE NICE!!

Treat other members kindly and respectfully at the meetup events and on the online group pages. This group is about learning and having fun. If you start any “drama”, you will be asked to leave – and you will be banned from the group.

Threatening, aggressive, mean-spirited, inappropiate or disrespectful posts directed at Organizers, Co-Organizers, Event Hosts and other photographers/members will not be tolerated. This goes for meetup messages as well. These kinds of remarks may be deleted and could get you banned from the group.

Please be courteous and update your RSVP accordingly. If you RSVP “yes” and cannot/will not attend, please change your RSVP to “no”. To discourage "no-shows", a small fee may be charged to sign up for events.

If someone asks you not to take his or her photograph, please respect that request and just don’t do it.


We understand that traffic and mass transit sometimes have delays and service changes – especially on the weekends. But it is imperative for everyone to get the extra time needed to arrive at the meetup points on time.

We start our events promptly at the time listed on the event page. Occasionally we may wait an extra 10-15 minutes – but this only happens when we feel it’s necessary. Once the event begins, we will not answer any calls, texts or other messages. It is not fair to hold up the group if someone is running late. Answering calls and messages from latecomers takes time away from shooting photographs. It also takes time away from answering questions from people who actually showed up on time. You are responsible for ensuring that you will be on time when you RSVP for an event.


You may use your own profile or post on the Miscellaneous message board to advertise your business or service, promote a venue or website. However, excessive spam and solicitation on the event pages is prohibited and will be deleted. All emails that go through the mailing list have to go through the Organizers first for approval. Also, posting personal/private contact information on the message board (email address, phone number, etc.) is not a good idea.


As Organizers, as well as Co-Organizers and Event Hosts, we give up our free time to research, scout, plan and post events because we care about the success of this meetup group. We try to provide motivation for people to go outside and enjoy shooting photographs.

By joining this meetup group and attending our events, you are not hiring professionals. The role of the Organizer, Co-Organizer and Event Host is to provide you with information about the event and a general idea of what you can expect.

The Organizer, Co-Organizer or Event Host will do his or her best to ensure a fun and informative event. However, if a situation occurs where it could disrupt or interfere with the event, you promise not to criticize or complain about the unexpected to the Organizer, Co-Organizer or Event Host.

Occasionally we may have members of the group who are kind enough to take time out of his or her busy schedule, to teach photography workshops for free or low cost. Please note that these workshops are NOT regular or re-occurring events. These workshops only occur on the basis of the instructor’s own schedule, ability and willingness.


We encourage everyone to post meetup ideas on our message boards, as well as any information (articles, videos, etc.) related to photography. We only ask that you do not email the Organizers with meetup ideas, as we would like to keep them on the message board for everyone to see. There are four message boards:

• Notes from the Organizers
• Meetup Ideas and Updates
• Articles and Resources
• Miscellaneous Message Board

Please feel free to surf through these or post anything that you think may benefit the group to the corresponding board.


In addition to this list of policies, please follow the rules and instructions listed on the event pages. Make sure you read the descriptions thoroughly and make any preparations necessary for the event. If you have any questions or comments about the event, please post them on that event page or email the Event Host. It is your responsibility to check in on an event page that you RSVP for any updates and/or changes.


Participation in these events requires that you assume all risks associated with the activities and that the Organizers, Co-Organizers and Event Hosts are in no way liable for any loss or injury as a result of your participation. In other words, you are attending these events at your own risk!

Any additions and/or changes to these policies can be applied at any time.

If you would like to send a contribution to help keep NYC Photographers up and running, you can send it via PayPal at We do not use WePay. This is NOT a requirement, but any amount will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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