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I started The Acoustic Guitar Forum (originally called, Harlem Acoustic Guitar Workshop) because I woke up one morning and had an epiphany. There just isn't any high quality, low cost, music education consistently available in the New York area. Even my own private lessons cost a lot for most of my students. And if something isn't done, we are going to continue to face a decline in quality, skilled musicians in the future, and also a decline in the economic conditions that make being a musician financially viable. It became clear that having a way for the average person to become a confident musician will ultimately create not only a demand for more musicians producing live music, but also a vast new crop of confident people who excels at creating both music and wealth, and who will value music as an indispensable expression for their lives. I am one of those people do actually do value music as an indispensable, almost invaluable form of self-expression for my life. Some of the greats like Lionel Hampton, Sal Salvadore, Duke Ellington and others, dedicated their entire lives to making music more widely available to the average person. I'm inspired to be in such good company.

In August (2010) when I started the Harlem Acoustic Guitar Workshop, I planned to eventually have a weekly Workshop. Well, we've achieved that within one month, thanks to all of you who have attended past workshops. By September 2010, the workshop began a weekly schedule and except for holidays and extenuating circumstances, we've held a held a workshop every week.

Each weekly session includes a lesson and an opportunity to jam with other musicians where you can practice what you learn that week, as well as express yourself using previously mastered skills. The the following week, we move on to new material. That way, you are always learning and building on what you already know. The material will include learning to read and play notes, chords, left hand fingering and plectrum technique, upper positions studies, sight reading studies, ear training, songs, repertoire and memorization techniques while learning to play with other musicians (ensembles).

What you can expect in the future of this Meetup Group in addition to the Guitar Workshop:

BEFORE JOINING THE GROUP - PLEASE READ:===> New Members - What's Expected

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