Slight Changes to Hypnosis Meetup Format

From: user 2.
Sent on: Friday, April 6, 2007 5:37 PM

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the mass-emailing today; what can I say, I've got a little spare time on my hands and I'm in a mood to work my cyberlife.

Now that the group's progressing, I'm making a few changes in our format. Nothing big, and these are changes many of you have been suggesting to me. Below is the text for next Thursday's meeting, but I thought it would be a good idea to email it out. This group is moving along great; keep your suggestions comin'! :)



Hola everyone!

I've been talking with a bunch of you and I think we'll try a few new things starting this upcoming meeting. Up until now, our meetups have been pretty free-flowing. We do rotating inductions with a few suggestions, and that's about it. So starting on this next meeting, let's do the following...

1) SET A TOPIC. Let's set a specific topic, for this next meeting, eh? I'll pick the first topic, but feel free to email me with suggestions you'd like in future meetings. This week's topic will be Suggestions to Re-Enter Trance. (More below)

2) SMALLER GROUPS. Usually we work in one big circle, everyone watching while one person hypnotizes one subject. That's great for an instructional purpose, but not everyone gets hands-on practice. Why don't we pair off into groups of two or three? We should pair off one experienced person with a more relative beginner; this way, EVERYONE learns and EVERYONE gets hands-on.

Sound good? Drop me a line anytime if you have any questions or more suggestons - I love 'em all!

Here's a little more on this week's topic...

We've spent a lot of time trying to work our subjects into the deepest trances they can reach. A good way to do that is bringing them out of trance only to instantly re-induce trance with a specific trigger. ("When I say the word 'SLEEP' to you, you will go back down into trance, a much deeper trance than the one you're in now" ...or... "Each time I snap my fingers, you will instantly go back into trance, much deeper than before.") Each time the subject goes back down into trance, they go back down deeper and deeper.
In theory, you could induce a light trance, then repeatedly bring them out and back down again and again and again to eventually work them into a very deep trance. I'd be interested in seeing if this works as a standard suggestion or even through post-hypnotic suggestion.
Are you intregued? Come prepared!


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