july 4th

The 4th of july
July 4th, 2009 / Author: Verndewd

HR 1955 called Americans homegrown terrorists
Bush passed a law exempting he and his cabinet from criminal prosecution
obama allows a bill that makes psyche tests manditory for veterans to guage gun ownership eligibility

That doesnt scratch the surface even a bit. the sheer magnitude of the lost freedoms is so staggering and so rediculous yet As bernays set forth , the american buyer is sedated as long as there is SOME form of personal purchasing power.

Rockerfeller admitted his treason to the USA in his memoirs, the corporatocracy is even now coming into solid existence.

the UN tells the world to drop the dollar.

july 4th is a celebration of a new nation that was truly independant; can you honestly say, once you know the legislation that violates our constitution; that there is something worth celebrating?

Because I cannot.

july 4th is a dead holiday.

The right to keep and bear arms HAS been infringed on every level except the final level as englands and australias has.

Free speech has been violated by hate crime legislation.

Posse commitatus was vilated several times laste year and will be this year.

habeas corpus is on the ropes in legislation.

Miranda rights have been violated this year.

The guaranteed REPUBLICAN form of government has become democracy , or has it? especially when leaders are chosen by the elite. Making it a corporatocracy under the US corp umbrella.

Social security is Voluntary yet we arent readilly informed of it.

tax is voluntary and was always intended as such.

every amendment as stated in the original documents has been violated and now Obama calls it an antiquated idea.

When is a public that rules its country in a republic EVER an antiquated ideal.

Think about that when you light off your bottle rockets, think about the 8+ million laws that lie upon your head. Think about what it took to set in motion the greatest form of government on earth and how our negligence has lost it for us.

Think about tomorrows children increasingly enslaved by debt and control.

Todays july 4th celebration is an insult to our founding ideals and the blood of the good people that made our republic possible, and when we light that firework up we can know that we have chosen the side of the enemy by not DOING everything we have the power to do to cast the corporation off of us, and in effect we kill the founding fathers ourselves.

I know its harsh but its the truth.

its not a dedicated group of men in tatters celebrating a victory over the most feared foe on earth, Its not the thousands that died to give us a chance, its not the embattled fortresses defending against an un ending parade of murderous thugs.

Its a boom and a sparkle and an “oooh thats pretty”
its not the supreme intellect that forged a way for average men to rule as equals
its a sidestop when going to the market
a smell in the air that most dont equate with massive deaths
a glittery remider of nothing but a bernays tactic to enslave
deep in the psyche of all Americans
we know what we need to do
were just enjoying the last moments of a dream that never was
one we didnt pay enough attention to as crooks came in and subjected us to less than equal status
; tomorrow , next week, next year
somewhere down the road
america gets off its programmed ass
and it corrects itself
and then all hell breaks loose
but then it breaks loose on brothers who will stand through it.

and from then on these petty baubles will have purpose. more than they have ever had.

This 4th of july has past but an ideal remains

life liberty and the persuit of happiness

men ruling as equals , hiring representatives for interstate and international arrangements.

Making their own laws

writing their own fates

I want our world viewers to know that it is within the reach of ALL men to have these things. That our community as a populace is global. We are all one body of organisms on one body of earth.

We love we hate we tell truths we lie we give and we take and we strive for greater things. We believe and we hope, and this planet is ours, it is up to the poulace to maintain it, to maintain equality, to never give in to idolatry that allows the masses to be herded into cages and chains.

to share our cultures as children exploring nature.

To govern ourselves and reduce government to office clerks who wait on the written agreements of the people to act.

so the world can reflect our concerns and our pain as one, so the affairs of men can reflect our love and our struggles to have and to share love.

its up to us to form the next age, lets get it right and remove the corruption, and remake the entire world for the people and by the people.

I am the sedition against the few ruling the many, I am the sedition that makes everyman equal. i am the sedition that monitors hired public servants and allows no secrecy. I am the coming age of man the revolution man has yearned for all of these centuries.

,,,, And so are you.

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