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Seattle Center

401 1st Avenue North Seattle, WA (map)

Selected by: jocelyn ellis abood

Message from The Nature Conservancy:

This Earth Day, The Nature Conservancy's Picnic for the Planet is back! We will celebrate the planet we live on with good food and great people. Sign up for your local Meetup and collaborate here with other attendees to choose a favorite outdoor location in your area.

Earth Day is April 22, but we're happy to celebrate a few days before or after as well. With a little advanced planning, your picnic can even help us set a picnicking world record! Whatever the Meetup, get the conversation going now and start planning!

Find more details and ideas at nature.org/earthday.

Join The Nature Conservancy in Seattle on Earth Day at Seattle Center's "Next 50" Plaza. Festivities at this family-friendly event include an environmental fair, music, prizes and face painting. Bring a picnic lunch or grab food from Seattle Center's new vendors and celebrate with us! Find us at nature.org/washington or www.facebook.com/natureconservancyWA to learn more about the event.

Prizes offered for anyone who visits our booth in a nature-themed costume!

Selected by: jocelyn ellis abood

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