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NFA - FAQ for bike rides

How do I know which rides are suitable for me?

See ride grade definitions here

What sort of bike do I need?

A mountain bike is preferable, failing that a hybrid will make it round most of our rides. I would suggest your bike has at least 10 gears or so. Not suitable are road bikes, shopper style heavy bikes with few gears and electric bikes

What if I get separated from the group?

We ask that all riders carry charged up mobile phones and store the ride leader's phone number. in case of any issues. This firstly makes sure you are always able to contact the group and secondly gives everyone the potential to share the responsibility of back marking for a part of the ride, helping the leader to know everyone is safely together.

How fit do I need to be?

Please make sure you can cycle 12 miles within about 2 hours before you come along to a blue ride to be sure you can cope with the distance / pace. While we are nowhere near the competitive fast pace of groups like Newforce and Dorset Rough Riders, we do set a moderate pace on rides ( especially the rides graded Red/ Black)

I have a medical condition what do I need to do?

You are responsible for your own health and safety at all times (please refer to disclaimer page) But if your GP has cleared you for this type of activity then please inform the event leader in confidence if you have any medical condition that could flair up on an ride / walk / event eg Allergies ( eg where is your epi pen kept? ) Diabetes, Asthma ( where is your inhaler kept ) etc.

Anything I should know about ride etiquette?

Please don't go off ahead of the group leader as this makes it very hard for them to pull the group back in case of turns you may not have seen or wrong turn taken that need to be rectified etc. We do sometimes go down paths you may not expect! (Exception being hill climbs - please wait at top)

Also, please bear in mind your group leader also wants to socialise & meet new people just like you probably do, but sometimes can't mingle as easily being stuck at the front - please ensure you come and say hello, especially if you are new , but equally important for all group members to do this.

What happens if I just don't turn up?

People who RSVP for a place on a ride that then don't turn up on the day are recorded as a "no show". If the ride had a waiting list then this will have meant someone who really wanted to come won’t have been able to because of this. This can also be a problem for late notice of non attendance although we understand work issues can arise from time to time. Cancellations within 24 hours of an event with a waiting list are recorded as no shows on events with waiting lists ( eg bike rides) / where booking was required ( eg meals) . Once someone has a history of no shows / very late notice of non attendance, they may find themselves bumped onto the waiting list for future rides, giving priority to those who use the system more considerately to others.

I have recorded one of your routes on mapmy ride ( or similar app / gps etc ) can I use it ?

Happy for you to use it for personal use but NFA have put a lot of effort into designing and reccying all our routes together and as such the routes are copyrighted for group use. We also ask that you not put them up on the internet / facebook etc for the same reason

Can I bring my kids/ teenagers?

Sorry but this group is aimed at 30-40s mainly therefore we would prefer not to have children on bike rides. Occasionally some suitable rides / walks for kids may be added and will be flagged as "family"

Can I bring my dog?

I'm sorry but we don't consider it safe to ride in a large group with dogs alongside

Do I really have to wear a helmet?

Even if you are not concerned for your own safety, as group leader I don't wish to have the responsibility of getting an air ambulance out to some remote part of the forest if you've fallen off and got concussed due to not wearing a helmet, so for this reason if nothing else then yes sorry it's compulsory. We've also had 2 incidences of tangled riders that would have led to concussion had helmets not been worn.

Do I have to bring a spare inner tube?

Yes - the reason being, finding the puncture hole can take a lot longer than just putting in a new tube and especially on evening rides where light is fading or larger group rides, time is of the essence. Even if you don't know how to change it yourself, bring one along as someone will help you out if stuck. Please also bring a bike pump and puncture repair patches / levers

Do I have to pay?

It costs £90/ year approx to host the club on meetup plus the funding for the apps we use for navigation, the map tiles etc, therefore we ask if you can pay £5/ year after you have done 3 or more events to cover admin costs.

Can I put on my own events?

Anyone can suggest events a tip it's more likely to be successful once you are an established group member. Suggested events get e mailed to the group leader before being announced to the group to check clashes with other planned events etc. Please remember to set an RSVP limit if relevant. Please refer to our page on setting up events / and on leading events for more guidelines on this.

What if I'm running late?

Rides generally leave at the time stated on the website, especially evening rides where light is limited. If you are just a few minutes late then please call the group leader to ensure they hang on for you.

Can I help by taking turns at leading a ride?

Yes that is very welcome, especially with larger groups it helps to have more than 1 person aware of the route. Ideally you need a smart phone with the view ranger app installed (£15 inc new forest OS map ) and a suitable holder to mount the phone on your handlebars ( easily available at bike stores / on internet) If you have this facility and would like to help out on rides please let the group leader know and you will be given the access details for Dropbox on view ranger in order to download the routes

Can I bring non members?

Due to the popularity of rides, we only allow 1 guest per person, this must be logged on your RSVP as plus 1 to ensure total ride numbers are kept within a safe and enjoyable limit.

What clothing / equipment can you recommend for winter bike rides?

We have been out in minus 5 before and believe that like the Scandinavians say there's no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes! I would recommend some good quality gloves eg sealskins, waterproof socks, skull cap for going under your helmet, plenty of layers, foot warmers for really cold days are also a great idea even if you just have them in your backpack in case of need.

Do you always go to a pub after?

Most of the summer rides have a pub trip after - some people eat, some just have a drink. Winter weekend rides are more variable depending on the group consensus / what people have got on afterwards.

I keep on getting punctures what can I do?

You can now get high quality puncture resistant tyres with slime filled inner tubes - would highly recommend a trip to your local bike store if you are plagued with punctures a lot as your tyres may be worn / out of date.

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