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Should all postings & comments on our Meetup pages be viewable only by members, & not by anyone else

Right now all comments on our Meetup pages are viewable by the entire world; & so are the descriptions of our Games Nites, with the exception that Meetup automatically blocks all non-members from seeing addresses & phone numbers posted in the descriptions. However, posted gate codes are not blocked from non-members UNLESS they are posted only in the "How to Find Us" section of the description of a forthcoming Games Nite. The advantage of going "Meetup Private" is that it would block all non-member wackos from seeing any member names or any comments, which conceivably could include security-affecting information. (By the way, people do NOT have to use their last names--omitting them greatly increases security.) The disadvantage of going "Meetup-private" is that splendid potential members won't be able to see how wonderful & desirable-to-join a group we are by reading our comments & Games Nite postings. This is why Meetup itself discourages going "Meetup-private." Please vote.

Apr 10, 2014 12 so far

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