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Important Upcoming Classes on the Hierophant (Friday, 9/21 and Tuesday 9/25)

Beth P.
Group Organizer
Bronx, NY
Hi to All Group Members,

The next class on The Hierophant is an important class, as I also will be discussing the use of reversals in this class. I would like to see as many students as possible sign up for one of the two dates for this class. For this reason, I'm no longer considering using TRS at Wall Street for any classes. Not enough students are interested in this location, and I don't want to have anyone not come to class because of an inconvenient location. It's too bad that the new location for TRS is so far downtown, as the newly-renovated classrooms are really nice.

Even though it is also true that I could rent a larger room at Ripley-Grier and only have two main classes per month rather than having repeat classes, I prefer renting smaller rooms and repeating each class. This means that any student who can't come on a Tuesday has the choice to attend the repeat class on a Friday.

Usually, I have a class on a Tuesday and then repeat on a Friday. However, I could not get any room at Ripley-Grier Studios for Tuesday, 9/18, which is one reason why I originally decided to use TRS at Wall Street. If I want to use Ripley-Grier, my Tuesday class for The Hierophant and Reversals has to be on Tuesday, 9/25/12. In this instance, the first class I will offer on The Hierophant and Reversals will be on Friday, 9/21/12, and the repeat class will be on Tuesday, 9/25/12.

Also note that the Friday, 9/21, class is from 6:45 to 8:45, and that the Tuesday, 9/25, class is from 7:15 to 9:15. If you look at the Upcoming Meetups section of New York Intuitive Tarot Classes, you will see the date, location, and time for all of the rest of the classes for the month of the month of September.

If anyone has suggestions of other venues I could look into, I'd be grateful. The Edgar Cayce ARE in Manhattan isn't returning any emails or phone calls, and locations such as The Open Center, the SLC center near Penn Station, and the Meta Center are too expensive. I also checked out the Center for Remembering and Sharing (CRS), but it's Union Square location is almost as far downtown as TRS at Wall Street in addition to the fact that it only has one space you can use for small classes and you can only rent it on a Friday evening. It is true that, at times, I could use the downstairs room at Bella Napoli on Madison to teach a class -- but that venue is too dependent on whether or not that room is being used by the restaurant for another event.

Sorry for any inconvenience these changed make. If anyone has signed up for the class at TRS at Wall Street, and doesn't want to go to Ripley-Grier, I'll refund your money.

P.S. One reason for changing the time for future classes at Ripley-Grier to after 7pm is to accommodate street parking for students. You can park on the street in that area, but non-commercial vehicles can't park until after 7pm.

Thanks for your indulgence, Beth Palladino
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