Posting on Meetups and Email Notifications

From: Ali
Sent on: Thursday, January 9, 2014 6:06 PM

Please do not post unnecessary comments on meetup events. Every post that is posted on a meetup generates an email that is either sent out to everyone on our email list or everyone signed up for that event depending on the situation.

Posting comments about your day, your random thoughts, or really anything not important to the event is causing a lot of unnecessary emails. Those types of comments need to be directed to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. Chatting about these things are more than welcome to take place when we get together but they need to be scaled back on the site due to how many emails this is generating.

Due to the volume of activities we schedule we are already generating a lot of emails that members feel are a lot as it is. However, those emails about events are the purpose of this group. Less of those means less activities are happening in the group.

If you cannot make it to an event that you have already signed up for, don't post on the site in the comments that you are not going to be able to make it and then not change your RSVP status to not coming. You do not need to say anything since it generates an email. Simple change your RSVP status to NO. This is very important for many reasons that I have explained before.

Finally, YES, I know I scheduled a lot of things today so you all got a lot of emails but this is like I said what this group is about and YES this email is yet one more email today. I am sorry about that. I however have had several conversations with people about this lately and I receive many more emails than all of you as an organizer and can understand where you are coming from. So please, lets respect each others in-boxes and think before you post. Is it necessary that everyone get an email about what you are about to say? If not, please save it until the meetup.



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