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Selected By: Angela Benton

American Tobacco Campus: The Underground

406 Blackwell Street Durham, NC (map)

Selected by: Stephanie Harris

Message from NewME Community:

This is the first official NewME Community Worldwide Meetup Day! Let's use this day to network and connect with others in our community! Whether you are looking for a developer, designer, co-Founder, or just someone else who looks like you... today is the day we'll all celebrate NewME Communities by supporting each other.

Carpe Diem!

Ibuzzn.com will be hosting this wonderful event. We look forward to connecting with each of you. Bring your bright smiles and business cards because there will be a lot of networking going on.

Selected by: Stephanie Harris

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Durham NewME Community Community

Raleigh, NC Founded November 21, 2011
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