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  • TBC

     Very authentic considered conversation traversing a wide range of philosophical spiritual and moral issues for those enquiring into these matters. 

    on Nov 17, 2012.

  • TBC

     I think its getting better and better, more discussion and experiential understanding of how we can share a new spirituality that includes appreciation for Being, Becoming, Evolution, and shared Depth 

    on Oct 27, 2012.

  • TBC

     While other mediation groups seem to be about having a peaceful experience this group is discussing really meaningful questions about living a spiritual life in a refreshing way. You quickly discover how we're all in it together, finding out. 

    on Jul 11, 2012.

  • TBC

     Awesome! A highlight of my week. 

    on Nov 26, 2011.

  • TBC

     Very interesting, its not easy to summarize in a few words I'm glad to say! And I am still learning and puzzeling with the ideas. I like my comprehension to be challenged. 

    on Nov 9, 2011.

  • TBC

     I love meditation. It is the bedrock of my life. Evolving............hum it's an interesting time right now and can be a bit bumpy. 

    on Jun 4, 2011.

  • TBC

     So far the discussions have been challenging and varied. 

    on Jun 3, 2011.

  • TBC

     A fascinating exploration of what's the role of faith in a postmodern world where we don't believe in the old certainties. I think we all got a real sense of what a rational mysticism can be for us. I loved the discussion! 

    on Mar 16, 2011.

  • TBC

     This group is consistently exploring the post-modern existence and the collective conditioning we all have, while looking at and experimenting with the higher collective potential we all share. This is the future, happening now! 

    on Feb 8, 2011.

  • TBC

     Its great to connect with others who are interested and be able to talk and explore new territory. 

    on Jan 28, 2011.

  • TBC

     It a great Meetup Group and the events are very cool! 

    on May 16, 2010.

London, United Kingdom

Founded Sep 5, 2006

About us…


Faheem Nusrat, Blake Ludwig, Willa Geertsema

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