National DUGN Conference: The Future Of Civilian Drone Use - REGISTRATION

The speaker line up has been finalized, for your pleasure:

8:00 AM  Private Showing, only need volunteers showing their drones

9:00 AM  Chad Frazer- Introduction

9:10 AM  Trent Lewis, Trent Lewis, FPC - Certified Fisheries Biologist - Outlaw Aerials LLC, PondMedics, Inc. and The Mapping Network

10:00 AM  Rich Hanson, Government and Regulatory Affairs Representative of the Academy of Model Aeronautics.

10:50 AM  Jim Blanchard, ScD, Chief Scientist, UAS Academy

11:40 AM  Jonathan Challinger, Software Developer for 3DR

12:30 PM  Paul Lake, Founder/Executive Director – Search One Rescue Team

1:20 PM  Techinstein and Lucidity from Roswell Flight Test Crew

2:10 PM  Timothy Reuter, DUGN Founer and former DC Area Drone User Group President

3:00 PM  Mina Chang, Linking the World CEO and Charles Devaney, Director of the Global UAV Program and Project Halo 

3:50 PM  Gene Robinson from RP Flight Systems Inc.

4:40 PM  Over run time

5:00 PM  Everyone is gone.

Welcome to our first National level Drone User Group Conference! Through this meetup page you will be able to pre-register and therefore assure your space at the conference. This is a family friendly event so feel free to bring the kids and keep reading for options to bring your own drone! Along with your registration you can enjoy the entire museum at your leisure. First lecture starts at 9 AM sharp, so you should be there about 30minutes prior to ensure you are checked in and ready to go. All registered names will be on a list so you will need some form of ID to get checked in.

The location will be the Frontiers of Flight Museum in Dallas. We will have a 200 seat auditorium for speakers, and an 80 man conference room for storing your equipment, as well as a place to go and chat. Ticket sales will be limited to 230.

The closest airport is Love Field Airport which is literally where the Frontiers of Flight Museum is located.  If you can't land there the next place is the DFW International Airport which is about 25 minutes from the FoF Museum.  Mapped for you here

We will also be setting up at least a dozen personal drones on the Mezzanine to show and educate the public for the museums new promotion "Meet the Drones" day (actual name may vary). If you would like to sign up to display your drone setup or help with the Conference, please visit our separate National DUGN Conference Volunteer Signup Page and send an RSVP.  Instructions for it are brief.

We will also have a Friday Night Social Dinner, family friendly at a location to be determined.  Please see our Friday Night Social Dinner Event Page to sign up (free).  Location to be determined.

Last but not least, you may sign up to compete in our Search and Rescue Challenge II competition the following Sunday!  Details on the event will be forthcoming "soon" but you can count on 150 acres and multiple drone use, it will ROCK!

TICKET PRICE: $40 Per Person - Kids under 18 get in free with a paid adult ticket.

TICKET CAP: 230 Total

LOCATION: Frontiers of Flight Museum, Sept 13th


Speakers with the tag "Sponsorship Needed" will need travel assistance in order to attend.  Once ticket sales have reached sufficient levels they will be funded.  If you would like to personally donate to a specific speaker(s), please contact Chad Frazer and he will make arrangements to make that happen. 

Techinstein and Lucidity from Roswell Flight Test Crew


Have a look at the potential, and the pitfalls, of this emerging technology — as well as a discussion on their own work with first responders, research scientists and other community groups.

Brian Zvaigzne is the technical expert responsible for designing, building and maintaining the multirotor aircraft used by the Roswell Flight Test Crew to capture aerial imagery and demonstrate their potential to firefighters and other first responders, as well as the community at large. He has a lifetime of experience with radio-controlled vehicles, as well as computers and other electronic systems. Known to Roswell Flight Test Crew fans as “Techinstein,” Brian’s previous media experience includes eight years on broadcast radio in the Portland metropolitan area as the co-host of a computer help call-in show. Having studied electronics at Delta College in Michigan, he currently owns an information technology business based in Beaverton, Oregon.

Patrick Sherman is the public face of the Roswell Flight Test Crew. Known as “Lucidity,” he is responsible for building the partnerships that have allowed the team to fly with the public safety community, hot air balloonists, research scientists and many other groups and organizations. Currently working in strategic communications for a regional public safety agency, he has prior experience as a newspaper reporter and magazine editor. He currently writes for a number of industry publications, including Model Aviation, RotorDrone and RC Sport Flyer. A master scuba instructor and licensed private pilot, he holds undergraduate degrees from the University of Southern California in sociology and English, as well as an MBA from Willamette University.

Rich Hanson, Government and Regulatory Affairs Representative of the Academy of Model Aeronautics.

FAA UAS Policy and UAS Guidelines.
sUAS Rulemaking Process.
sUAS Program Challenges.
AMA’s sUAS Program.

Rich Hanson currently serves as the Government and Regulatory Affairs Representative for the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) headquartered in Muncie, IN. He’s served in this capacity since May 2008, and previously served on the AMA Executive Council for 15 years as a member of the Academy’s board of directors.

Jim Blanchard, ScD, Chief Scientist, UAS Academy

Flight Operations Quality Assurance for Emerging UAS Operators

Jim Blanchard has been involved in many of the most advanced aviation systems innovation of the past 4 decades.  His inventions include the synthetic vision system, computer-aided debriefing station, and TalkMarker.  He has a long history of philanthropic work in education, and uses UASs in his work as an educator and scientist, including helping developing and emerging nations in closing the education gap through applied science.  He’s a human factors advisor on the UAS ARC RPAS Certification sub-committee and the FAA/RTCA Special Committee 228 working on Detect/Avoid and Command/Control.  He holds 4 earned degrees in the fields of Science, Engineering, and Management, and is licensed pilot.

Jonathan Challinger, Software Developer for 3DR

Discussing ArduPilot Mega's new compass interference learning capability, logging system and how the transparency of open source benefits the common user.

Jonathan Challinger is a former Computer Science student who now does independent software development and flight log analysis for 3D Robotics. Jonathan has contributed a number of ideas to the APM project, including prototyping the inertial navigation system that makes ArduCopter the highly performant system that it is today.

Gene Robinson from RP Flight Systems Inc.

UA in Search & Rescue (SAR)

Eugene “Gene” Robinson is the owner of both RP Flight Systems, Inc. and RP Search Services. RPFlight Systems, Inc. was incorporated specifically to produce economically viable flight platforms to loft various sensors and imaging payloads. RPSearch Services is an IRS recognized 501©3 organization that utilizes UA technology to assist in search and rescue/recovery (SAR) operations on a charitable basis.Using the Spectra flying wing to complete hundreds of missions, this UA has provided actionable data to incident commands in 30 states and has flown in four countries.The Spectra is directly credited with 11 recoveries and credited for breaking up a human trafficking operation in Mexico.

Paul Lake, Founder/Executive Director – Search One Rescue Team

Search and Rescue Mission Examples

Paul Lake is the Founder and Executive Director of Search One Rescue Team. Founding the team in 1983 Mr. Lake and Search One are now in their 31st year providing trained K9 teams and ground search management to law enforcement and emergency response agencies throughout  North Central Texas.

Mr. Lake is also a certified K9 handler in the disciplines of Air Scent and Human Remains Detection, an Incident Commander, and a Public Information Officer for team field operations. Starting in 1994 he served as a Texas Peace Officer for seven years, four of which was as a K9 handler and narcotics interdiction officer. Mr. Lake has been on over 400 searches with Search One, has multiple finds, and has been classified as an expert witness regarding K9 detection of human remains in the Texas criminal court system. He is currently serving his fourth year on the Board of Director for NASAR (National Assoc. for Search and rescue).

And in addition to all that … he’s a really nice guy!

Timothy Reuter, Founder, Drone User Group Network

The Drone Social Innovation Award

Timothy Reuter is a former President of the DC Area Drone User Group and Founder of the Drone User Group Network. He is also co-creator of the Pocket Drone, one of the most funded drone campaigns in the history of Kickstarter.

Trent Lewis, FPC - Certified Fisheries Biologist - Outlaw Aerials LLC, PondMedics, Inc. and The Mapping Network

Trent Lewis is an AFS certified fisheries biologist responsible for managing over 15,000 acres of private water annually.  He will tell his story of how he uses his 12 years lake management experience and 15 years of R/C piloting to leverage drones in nearly all aspects of his work as a private fisheries biologist.  Sitting as President of the Upper Trinity Conservation Trust for the last four years and a director of the Texas Aquatic Plant Management Society, he is also finding ways to implement drones to further these organizations' missions.

Linking the World is pleased to be presenting at the first annual National DUGN Conference. 

The presentation will include an address from Ms. Mina Chang, CEO of Linking the World International which has recently relocated their headquarters to Dallas, Texas.  Mina will present the organization, its history, the impact it has made on a global level, and its plan to continue into the future.  Ms. Chang will introduce her new expansion into the world of unmanned systems and define their place in the world of humanitarian aid.

To complement Mina, Charles Devaney, Director of the Global UAV Program and Project Halo at LTW, will present his research in the applications of unmanned systems, the work that was done post-Typhoon Haiyan to monitor the damages accrued throughout the Visayas region of the Philippines, and the Philippine aerial image consortium that was formed from the effort of this like-minded assembly.  Charles will present his research as well as case studies from the peer reviewed publication, UAV Aerial Imaging Applications for Post-Disaster Assessment, Environmental Management and Infrastructure Development, that was initially presented at the 2014 International Conference on Unmanned Aircraft Systems (ICUAS) May 27-30, 2014 in  Orlando, Florida of which he is an author.  Charles will also define the mission of Project Halo and the LTW Global UAV Program.

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  • Rick Y.

    Great work Chad! I know it was difficult.

    September 24

  • Bryan A.

    Thanks to Chad and everyone who made this happen. I had a great time, and regained my RC/Drone hobby back.

    September 20

  • Carl O.

    Well done - thanks to all who made this happen...

    September 20

  • Jason B.

    Really an incredible conference. Chad, congratulations to you and everyone else who helped make it possible. Great lineup of speakers and vendors. I look forward to seeing this happen again next year!

    September 19

  • Richard F.

    Does anyone know the guy(s) that were on the Diagonal Wall and how to contact them? I have a question for them. Great Conference, look forward to next year. Good Job Chad and all his helpers.

    September 17

    • Dan

      Ethereal Visions Media, [masked]

      September 17

  • David S.

    This was an enjoyable conference. Thank you Chad and everyone else for hosting this.

    1 · September 16

  • Richard F.

    Worked fine.

    September 14

  • Doc V.

    Electric! Great event, felt like I was part of something exciting and new. The speakers and organizers did a fantastic job! Loved every minute.

    4 · September 13

  • Frankie F.

    Online Registration is closed. We are accepting cash and credit card payments at the door.

    September 13

  • Chad F.

    We cant fly at all John B, Love field is an active airport and you can take 50 steps and be on the runway from the front door of the museum! Bring him out to the SARCII and he can join a team as a spotter or helper of some kind, 6 man teams are allowed.

    1 · September 8

    • Jeff M.

      I'll bring my Nano QX. We can fly it indoors.

      September 12

  • Rick Y.

    A Phantom was found crashed upside down on a Lexus in my sons neighbor hood. Which borders Preston Road and Hillcrest. Someone is very upset. Lots of houses trees and children playing outside. An affluent neighborhood who wants to find the owner.

    September 11

  • Chad F.

    Do lunch any way you can...sorry about that. And speakers are being filmed but not for sale, if you want them at this point I'll just email them to you for your private use, I don't want them massed produced.

    1 · September 9

  • Richard F.

    Two Questions
    1. Lunch, don't see it on the schedule, do we need to brown bag?
    2. Are the speakers being filmed, so we can see it later?

    September 9

  • Chad F.

    Yes on all counts bring buds and the ranger to museum between 8 and 9 am.

    1 · September 9

  • Dallas S.

    Looks like there is a ticket cap of 230. How close is that to being closed? I know a couple of guys that want to attend but won't know about their work situation until friday. Also I thought I read a while back that you were needing more fixed wing "drones" for display. I just got my Ranger EX in this Monday and could have it ready for display but not flight if needed for the show. Thanks!

    September 9

  • John B

    Hey Chad - will there be any flying demonstrations? If so what time? Throughout the day? Bringing my little brother and he is more interested in flying than the talks. Thanks!

    September 8

  • Chad F.

    Mr. Shelbe could not make it, Trent Lewis will be taking his slot, emails to go out shortly.

    September 7

  • Chad F.

    Howdy Julian, try clicking the RSVP button, that should walk you through everything.

    September 6

  • Julian K.

    How can I register for the National DUGN Conference? I failed to find the link.

    September 6

  • Chad F.

    Made corrections to titles, sorry speakers!

    September 2

  • Chad F.

    Final line up for speakers is posted!

    September 2

  • Chad F.

    You probably did but that had to be wiped out in order to make meetup to allow it as a paid event :) Your probably only half sane like the rest of us!

    1 · August 24

  • Chad F.

    Hey Jay, try clicking on YES for RSVP

    August 24

    • Jay C.

      Ah, I must have previously RSVP'd before the pay option was set up or I'm just imagining things... thanks!

      August 24

  • Jay C.

    I'm missing something. Where do you get the tickets? I go to and "registration" links back to here!

    August 23

  • Chad F.

    New speakers!!! Check them out!

    August 17

  • Chad F.

    When your name is confirmed the kiddies follow you in. There should be a quantity button but if you get two tickets in your name we will assume it's for another adult...we will figure it out get ya.

    August 14

  • John B

    Hi! Is there a way to buy more than one adult ticket? I can't figure out how. Also, is there a separate "kids ticket" or do they just get in free at the door?

    August 14

  • Chad F.

    They will provide a bunch of tables as needed, Call the museum and ask about the mobile home, that could go either way. Their number is (214)[masked]

    1 · August 13

  • Trent L.

    Are motorhomes allowed to park overnight in the museum parking lot? If we're bringing our UAVs, should we bring a table to display them on or are they going to have tables for us there?

    August 13

  • Chad F.

    If you have kids under 18, but a ticket and they get in free. You still have to get your wife a ticket :)

    August 12

  • Chad F.

    Manufacturers are welcome to show their wears but due to museum policy they may not sell at the museum.

    August 12

  • Chad F.

    I know dragon circuits wants to come but since it is a museum I doubt they would want cash to change hands. By the time you leave though you will know what to get for sure.

    August 8

  • Richard F.

    Are there going to be any Drone, or parts vendors there, with stuff to sell?

    August 8

  • Ken

    where is everyone from out of town staying?

    August 8

  • Chad F.

    I just posted this on RC Groups, DIY Drones and asked HobbyKing for Sponsorship. Let's see what happens.

    June 26

  • Chad F.

    Please contact Chad Frazer directly for any questions, concerns or edits.

    June 2

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