Tiffany S
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I need a ground tarp for my tent 70" x 90". Several people have mentioned Tyvek so after nearly fainting at the cost of an entire roll, I found it on under Kite Materials (Tyvek 1443R) where I can purchase 5 yards that are 60" wide...which of course is too narrow for my tent.

Can you sew Tyvek and then seal it with tent sealer?
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I am going to post a link to an ebay listing. This guy will cut to length. Send him an email and explain your situation, he even adds tie off loops, specially nice if its windy. Other options: use contractor trash bags, they are huge, cut them to size, prob need to use 2 and maybe a little of that special tape (duc(t)k somethg... :) ). Painters clear plastic would prob do from Home Depot/Lowes. Good luck with it...­

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I use the Tyvek Kite weight.

You should wash it in the washer before you cut it.

I’d probably just glue the seams with my trusty craft hot glue gun.

You could get a grommet kit and attach grommets.

How much does a tent that big weigh any way? Is it light for backpacking? Or Car Camper weight? If it’s Car camping, wouldn’t waste the money on Tyvek.

Tiffany S
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It's a little heavy at 4pnd 6oz but it was a phenomenal deal at an REI garage sale. It does however have an incredibly thin floor and I think it needs a bit of protection.

Al D.
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I use a 1 mil plastic painters tarp from Home Depot that I cut to fit. It costs about $2 and last me all season. Weighs next to nothing.
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I need a ground tarp for my tent 70" x 90".

Might want to look at using a space blanket, or two taped together possibly. Its a thin Mylar reflective barrier. Not sure how it will hold up under a tent, but I used one while car camping in 35 degree temps on top of an air mattress under the sheet and was amazed at how warm it made the bed. I got a couple at the military surplus place in Richardson where Floyd Rd comes into southbound Central access road just north of Beltline for $4 each. The size for those is 48"X84" and they are only 4 bucks at Tactical Gear Now in Richardson TX.
It comes in olive/silver and orange silver. Weights a couple of ounces, seems pretty tough, Its also safety gear should you ever get lost/hurt/etc and need to signal for help or just to help stay warm.
Tiffany S
user 24938112
Fort Worth, TX
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Good price!
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