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Frequently asked questions:

Feel free to ask a question, and I will be happy to try and answer for the group:

Q: Can I show up late or in the middle of the group?
A: Since our gatherings are usually only two hours, typically full, and we are all playing together, it can be disruptive when people come in late and others have to move around to accommodate them. Please be on time, cancel early if you know you will be late or can't make it (so someone else can have a spot), or sign up for a different date when you can make it on time. Thanks!

Q: Where does my $2 donation go?
A: There is a cost to organize the group. Teresa Penbrooke, Organizer, pays $72 to Meetup.com every six months. In addition, usually there are copies to be made, nametags at some meetups, and organizational time (mostly volunteer). Some locations charge a small space fee. Alternate Hosts can keep the $2 to help with their costs, or donate it to Teresa to help with the Meetup costs.

Q: I am a person who all my life wanted to learn how to play guitar (and envy to those who can do it) but I have never found the way to learn and keep doing it. I am beginners level and I don't want to arrive and be completely out of sync with others in this group. This is may be my last try after X+ years trying to learn how to play guitar. Is this the right group for me?
A: I encourage you to join us. You may be more of the beginner level, but we often have folks who are still struggling with basic chords, and that's OK!. We also have others at all other levels - we have people who have played for 40 years in their basement but who have never played in front of anyone and who are petrified. Some are pros who are very talented just looking to meet others, some are looking to learn leads, licks, or practice singing, and some just love to teach. I suggest you pick a date and sign up (quickly, everything is filling up fast). Then, before you come, go online and look for free intro lessons to learn the basic chords (C, D, G, A, E, etc.) for starters and practice just moving between them. Don't worry if you are good enough. You can find two chord songs or make one up! We do encourage everyone to bring at least 10 copies of a song formatted on one page with chords and words that they can at least sort of play. Beginners can skip this for the first few times if needed. Others can help lead if needed.

This group is for practice and learning in a group environment - no one is really listening to you unless you choose to lead or we are practicing performing. There are usually folks with more experience very willing to help if you need it, and some who will teach for free. Just leave your ego at home, and bring your guitar, a pick, a tuner, a song, and a capo, and show up.
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