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From: user 8.
Sent on: Friday, September 30, 2011 9:42 AM
Hi I live in a vegan house share in Nottingham and we've been 
thinking about starting up a regular vegan education stall 
somewhere in the town maybe every week or fortnight on a 
weekend or on an evening some time, hopefully within the next 
few weeks to get some in before autumn/winter sets in!
We already have quite a lot of leaflets provided by the Vegan 
society and we'll be getting/making some more at some point, we 
think a friendly stall with maybe some nice vegan food and 
information would be great to have in the town as we have lots 
of vegan places which we can promote and send people to.
There's already an active Vegan community in Nottingham so I 
think it'll be easy to get people interested, we already have 4 
people here and I've done Greenpeace stalls on less but more 
people means people don't have to do it every week, we're 
trying to make it laid back and approachable we don't want to 
scare people off by have huge placards or pictures of abused 
animals we want to inform people when they come to us and 
promote the positives rather then scaring them off by being 
preaching or having off-putting imagery.

If your interested contact us at [address removed]
or visit our website at"


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