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The next Nyeek Drinks will be the last one...

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New York, NY

... for the year of 2012!  Hope I didn't scare ya!

Anyways, since the last two Mondays of the year fall during the holidays and I'll be out of town anyways I thought it would easier just to restart in January.

If enough people are around on the 24th and still want to play board games I might set something up.  I just assumed most of you guys will have other plans.  Amity Hall will be open though, so lemma know if you're interested.  New Year's Eve is just a no go though.

Also, there is a Nyeek Coffee planned for Jan. 1st, but that is tentative right now as I figure it out.  Hopefully that will go on as planned.

And in other news...

I've been giving a lot of thought to charging a small suggested fee (1 or 2 dollars) for the meetups.  I did a donation box before, but I stopped it for a number of reasons.

Here's the rub though.  Originally I did it because I wanted to buy more games for the group.  Now I'm thinking about charging, because I'm realizing at some point I'll probably have to replace games (more due to lost pieces than wear and tear), I have to pay for the meetup page, I would also like to plan for future events and I would like to buy more games.

Also, I don't think a dollar or two per person is an insane amount to ask for.

I just want hear what you guys think would be the best way to go about it?  I use to bring a donation box, but I use to get nervous that someone would yank it.  Also it took up valuable board game space in my bag.  What I was thinking about maybe doing is a pass the hat kind of deal where like at 8:00 PM I could do a quick collection around the bar?

But would that be more awkward?  Should I just ask for five bucks at the end of the month?  Are you guys cool with me doing this?  What do you prefer?

Let me know what you guys think, by either e-mailing me directly or responding to this on our message board.


Cheers and Happy Holidays,


Brooklyn, NY
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Don't scare me like that.

You should definitely charge. It's not like people go there and don't spend any money. I myself by a drink or two (or five..) and would certainly donate if it made it easier to keep Nyeek up. It's understandable to be hesitant to charge if it were like $10 bucks or something, as plenty of people are students/broke/etc, but a few dollars is typically of no consequence to people (and if it is, then by all means they can skip out on donating).

It would be great to get more games. It would be great for you to not get your games worn out without any compensation for that. It would be great to watch Nyeek grow. So yes, whip out that donation box.

As for the donation box, you may just have to do a bit of patrolling - grab the money out of it every hour or so if you want to be on the safe side (I really don't think any of us are jerks but yeah you never know). Alternatively, Amanda or whoever is bartender may be willing to hold it in the back for you? You'd obviously have to ask about that. You can also make a rad sign that asks for donations and to see you and have a cool picture of you (maybe giving two thumbs up and a cheesy smile) so that people give it to you directly.

Edit: Oh I didn't finish reading your thing. Hat passing seems awkward, but making an announcement would work.
Oliver H.
Brooklyn, NY
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Hat passing seems like the best idea in my book!
user 72653322
Forest Hills, NY
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i'm all for that idea, but another more secure idea would be to accept money via paypal
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