Brentwood Poly Family's Huge Poly Pool Party #9

  • February 23, 2013 · 7:00 PM
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MEEvtL event listing MHQN3O:

  1. MI0QFO: Estimated 270 attending based on the 8 prior ones!
    1. MI0QAL: Already ~230 people RSVPing YES summing up the 6 known listings for this West LA event attracting & bringing-together poly and poly-curious from all neighboring counties!
    2. MI0QB8: This re-listing is especially for attendees from in & around Orange County, per our group name OC-Polyamory.
  2. MHQ8ST: Want more folks attending, plus great events totally suiting you? Then MAKE IT HAPPEN! -click here!

  3. MDJQ6Z: Occurrences plus Historic Changes, in order:

    • MHQO6S:A MUST-SEE at least 1x for every poly or poly-curious in LA or neighboring counties, and for singles & couples (& triples, quads, etc :-), so RSVP with constructive comment NOW! And, as many attendees do, if you have any, ideally bring your present romance partners!

      1. MHTM16: Always the most-attended polyamory event of Los Angeles and all neighboring counties, attracting 100s, with an average Meetup member event rating of 5of5 stars.

      2. MHTNV8: "If you've never attended this party in the past, this is something not to miss. Whether you're [just first checking out ]this lifestyle or a poly old timer these parties are wonderful .. to ask questions, share experiences and meet new people. Whatever you're looking for you will find the most open-minded, open-hearted and non-judgmental people you'll meet anywhere. It is cross posted on most Meetup Polyamory sites, as well as other poly groups everywhere. It's a very popular event.. Be sure and show up early as they.." announces member Glenn Anderson and I Destiny concur.

      3. MHTLS4: Sponsored by & in-the-home-of a locally-famous polyamory family triple (1 woman + 2 men, +1 daughter) who also head the largest polyamory group in Los Angeles with over 700 members.

      4. MHTLX9Takes place in a gorgeous Brentwood semi-mansion with a very warm "95 degrees" pool, plus spa.

      5. MHTOXA: Pics & video of all the best fun that happens are hard to find seeming because many don't yet allow being photographed because it's clothing optional plus many there are exploring polyamory for the 1st time.
    • MHQQ7Y: started[masked] and repeats every ~6mo (from every 1 to 9months) on Saturday else Friday evening & nite starting 6pm-7pm and ending ~11pm-12:30am.
    • MHQRR7: You may have to a few blocks away due to the crowd.
    • MHQRRP:CARPOOLING GREATLY APPRECIATED including for the parking plus some as me, being Green & sociable, would not want to do such a long drive alone.
      1. MHQRU0: In the RSVPs and event comments, search for carpool & rideshare offers and for each possible match reply as an event-comment.
      2. MHQRVV: If that didn't quickly find you a carpool, then create a new top level event-comment (thread) by saying (as example) "CARPOOLING? I can ride, or drive w/ room for 3 more. I need leave 5:30pm from say Starbucks at El Toro & Paseo of Laguna Woods 92653. Click "Reply" on this thread."
      3. MI0U13: Especially since the drive for some counties as Orange County can be as much as 75 minutes each way, the event listing hosts did special work identifying for everyone all of our members going, regardless of where they 1st RSVPed, especially to make easy to find other people from our group (so also nearby) to carpool with.
    • MHQPDS: #[masked](Fri#2,1st one): main listing has "55 attended"
    • MHQOX3: #[masked](Sat#4,1mo later): main listing has "70 attended"
      1. MHTOQE: SoCal-Polyamory listing includes 40+ pics as this 1 shown.
    • MHQOWS: #[masked](Fri#2,3mo later): main listing has "36 attended"
      1. MHQSRB: I Destiny attended & brought my bud JH it was great, with ~100 people actually there!
    • MHQOO5: #[masked](Sat#2,9mo later): main listing has "45 attended"
    • MHQQLB: start of attendance growing ~60 more people every year
    • MHQOMG: #[masked](Sat#2,5mo later): main listing has "130 attended"
    • MHQOJM: #[masked](Sat#5,4mo later): main listing has "110 attended"
    • MHQPRV:start of repeating every ~7mo+/-2mo; "about two times a year" says [masked] official listing.
    • MHQOGP: #[masked](Sat#3,7mo later): main listing has "150 attended"
    • MHQOE8: #[masked](Sat#2,6mo later): main listing has "200 attended"
    • MHTJCF: This is a rare opportunity to meet with a large number of poly people & leaders from across several counties and in-person plan future poly events plus share postings & discoveries of the other groups. In view of this rare opportunity,
    • MHQN6P:#9 scheduled[masked](Sat#4,9mo later[masked], -RSVP NOW!
      1. MI0QSP: Attendance counts are as of[masked]Tue22.
      2. MHQNY1: Expected attendance: ~270 people!
      3. MHQNSP:For what you need to bring & other key info, read   

        else (if no-access) this recent full copy of it
        1. MI4TCZ: RE: the copy (of the event listing)
          1. MI4TG5: In Chrome, I sometimes get "Google Drive<br/>The app is currently unreachable" but Refresh fixes this.
          2. MI4TGH: displays with CSS (formatting) in Firefox but not Chrome; fairly readable either way.
        2. MHTKT6: Unlike most other event re-listings, event info, including stuff all attendees need to know, is minimally copied and/or repeated here, so mostly NOT here as instead here is link to the official source (and, for those not granted access to that, a link to a recent full copy of it) --all intentionally, to (1st) insure all readers of this re-listing get the latest, official unabridged, complete news direct from the main people & group hosting this event (relistings that copy and/or repeat then have the problems of the telephone game) plus know who the source is, and (2nd) minimize the work to create the re-listing and especially to keep it matching the source & complete.
        3. MHTKX4: Note to event hosts only: To insure sharing of the complete official info, making & sharing an archive is necessary because the official listing, like all the listings on that group, is only visible to members of that group but this particular event is also reposted onto several other groups; the archive further exposes the event address so, before doing that, found this possibly-secret info was already publicly found via Google Search by postings in other groups as here.
      4. MHQNYD: Already 266 RSVP YESes (with some overlap) as Cross-posted in at least 6 Meetup groups:
        1. MI0R3E:Loving-More (main listing): 106 RSVPed YES
        2. MHSKUB: SoCal-Polyamory: 87-2=85 RSVPed YES
        3. MI0QNV: amBiLA:[masked]=39 RSVPed YES, 1st listing found via here
        4. MHSLUZ: OC-Polyamory (this page): 20 RSVPed YES
          1. MI0T01: We could use some more Event Listing Hosts for this listing especially among members attending; please volunteer or nominate someone by RSVPing on that thread!
          2. MI0TEE: This re-listing uniquely features the full posted history of this event series (of this famous Brentwood Poly Pool Party), along with attendance and repeat-frequency estimates and links to all cross-postings known, plus key synopsis & reviews.
        5. MHSL3W: OC_CApolyamory: 11 RSVPed YES as of[masked]Sun12.
        6. MHSRC1: bettersex: 5 RSVPed YES
        7. MHSKZG: Inland-Empire-Polyamory-Meetup-Group calendar: not there.
        8. MHSL83: socalhedonims calendar: not there.
        9. MHSPBI: upcoming polyamory events near Santa Monica lists 2, the official plus the 1st above.
        10. MHTJT5: Google Search(Feb 23, 2013 Poly Pool Party inurl:/events/ Meetup -inurl:cities) lists 2 (of the 3 public listings above).
    • MHQPML: #10 predicted[masked](Sat#4,7mo later)[masked] -RSVP NOW!
  4. LG4OWH: What are these codes as “LG4OWH:” on this point? They’re short IDs to date-stamp, uniquely-reference, & portably-track most any point or item.
  5. MDMN8M: Listing History, in order
    1. MHQN1E: now I Destiny create this by doing -> Copy then editing to fit
    2. The archive is necessary
    3. MHQT4V: I updated to include key event points plus all history; pst[masked]Tue0259.
    4. MHSPE4: update MHQNYD with 6 possible cross-post links; pst[masked]Wed0003.
    5. MHTMO3: changed title fr(Krishna's Brentwood-Home Poly Pool Party) so added "Huge " and " #9"; to beginning, added key point "Estimated over 200 attending from the 8 prior ones!" so summary view would capture this; to MHQO6S, added 2of3 details; to MHQNSP added subpoints; pst[masked]Wed1503.
    6. MHTQA7: for the 1 event pic, found & gave its source & placed in right entry MHQOX3; also added notes about pics, including MHTOXA per Alex's "sitting in a circle, having 3:19 PM" today SMS.
    7. MHTQBE: in MDJQ6Z, cut "Recent & Upcoming" as it's complete and that can be indicated by ellipsis, also changed ol to ul especially as the item #ing conflicted with event #ing.
    8. MHTRI6: added & featured Glenn quote MHTNV8; small improvements; updated time from 6:00pm with no end time to 7:00pm to 12:30am probably as a result of my request for an official estimate of the end time (as that page now changed to this range); pst[masked]Wed1719.
    9. MHUCEB: added Bridget as an Event Host; added hour range to upcoming event as Meetup now wrongfully hides it after event is over;
    10. MHUDFZ: rename title fr(Krishna's Huge Brentwood-Home Poly Pool Party #9) to(Brentwood Poly Family's Huge Poly Pool Party #9), replacing "Krishna's" (asymmetric: 1 of 3) with "Brentwood poly family's" (putting much stronger emphasis on family including correctly suggesting it's a family-party), sadly cuts "Home" but implied by Pool", puts emphasis of Huge on the Party rather than Home which is more relevant (tho both correct); per Lucy's suggestion, for visual, added extra line breaks to certain paragraphs; pst[masked]Thu0102.
    11. MHUH88: Lucy says "BRING YOUR LAPTOP.." as formatted comes off strident so directs: copy & replace MG87UG to/with MHUGFR and rewrite and instead put it within MHTJCF; she also reformats MHQNSP; pst[masked]Thu0220.
    12. MI0TOY: added top section "MI0QFO: Estimated .. attending.." and "MI0QSP: Attendance counts.."; updated "MHQNYD: Already 262 RSVP YESes.." to list all listings (not just additional) and add counts for each & total; extended "MHSLUZ: OC-Polyamory (this page): " by adding subpoints (2 of em) for this listing; added MI0U13; slightly updated MHTM16; RSVPs: 19 YES, 1 NO; 262 RSVP YESes total; pst[masked]Sun1245.
    13. MI4MVR: In response to wandj10's comment, I improve MHTKT6 including change "archive" with "full recent copy" also in MHQNSP; pst[masked]Tue1355.
    14. MI4W1H: added MI4TCZ.
    15. MI5BLR: updating RSVP counts: now RSVPing: 20 YES, 1 NO (total 266 YESes, ~230 people RSVPing YES); per wandj10's comment asking cost, can't set price to $0 so set to $0.01 and set refund policy to quote("There is no charge for this event (free)." however see OFFICIAL MAIN LISTING for what you need to bring.); in MHQNSP, replace "necessary info" with "what you need to bring & other key info" ; turn on email-reminders; email-announcing this-listing 1st time; pst[masked]Tue2301. 
    16. MI8VWJ: in MHQO6, replace its content ("HIGHLY RECOMMENDED") with present value which is an extension of the header message I used to 1st email out this event; pst[masked]Thu2056.

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  • A former member
    A former member

    Hey party folk! Didn't see your RSVP on our tonight's (ONLINE:Watch&Discuss OWN's Our America w/Lisa Ling's "I Love You & You... & You")...and it's on TV now! (with 2nd show at midnight),.. so why don't you there RSVP with comment (or post a comment there) and... join us! Wanna see u guys!

    March 12, 2013

  • Mr S.

    Lot's of fun. great people. Warm, friendly environment. I enjoyed the discussion group as much as the mingling and clothing optional pool. I didn't eat anything and brought my own wine but I'm soooo very grateful that the home was offered to so many people and I really hope that everyone treated it with care. No cover charge and there was free food. That doesn't happen, anywhere. "WOW" and "Thank you" are the words that best describe how I feel.

    February 25, 2013

  • Dave D.

    I would LOVE to attend this FABULOUS event! Unfortunately, I must be in No. Cal. Til at least mid day on Saturday, and I couldn't get a flight down. If you can attend, definitely DO!

    February 22, 2013

  • Mr S.

    See you there - J

    February 18, 2013

  • A former member
    A former member

    Thinking of attending. There is a lot of weird text in the about section of this post. I was trying to find out if there is a cost? or if we bring something to eat ? (potluck?) Any help appreciated.

    February 12, 2013

  • A former member
    A former member

    Wow this party sounds really great! Thank sharing this, and all the work put into it.

    February 10, 2013

  • A former member
    A former member

    Please remove my name as event host, thanks.

    February 7, 2013

  • Alex

    Hi, I went to my 1st meeting last night, 7 would like to come to yours on the 23rd.
    Thanks, Alex.

    February 6, 2013

22 went

  • Carlos B. +2
    of Long Beach; 2012.12.31-,1+RSVPs,0+attend; couple lkg4friends
  • Anthony
    of LA; 2012.02.13-,0+RSVPs,0+attend;
  • Tony
    of Beverly Hills; 2012.03.29-, 6+RSVPs,3+attend; house parties
  • Chuck
    of Mission Viejo; 2013.01.19+,2+RSVP YES,1+attend;ref by Kamala
  • Sille +1
    of Azusa; 2013.02.23; 1+RSVP YES,1+attend; just in poly grps
  • Bill Z.
    of Orange; 2013.01.08; 2+RSVP YES,2+attend; mtg tech support.
  • Kim +1
    of Huntington Beach;2012.11.07-; 2+RSVPs; a poly couple
  • Mr S.
    of Orange; 2012.01.13-,1+RSVP YES,1+attend; aka Jay; since 2004
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  • A former member
  • A former member
  • A former member
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