via OCAndroid: OC Linux User Group main meeting: Linux InstallFest! MWD76I

  • November 16, 2013 · 10:00 AM
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{MWC46S=event re-listing description (providing only missing background, as official website has event details)

{MWC7C0=The Android mobile OS was actually a derived from the Linux desktop & server & embedded-system OS, and is being integrated back into Linux, why OCAndroid lists Linux stuff, too.}

{MWC4LD=The community group

{MWC6ED=name: Orange County Linux User Group,
{MWCF62=summary: OC's leading & virtually-only Linux community group 
{MWCF72=(There is S.OC Linux User Group but they've had only 1 mtg 2013.06.06 & none since.)}}

{MWC4VO=founded: unsure but likely 1997.02.05 per MWC5OH}

{MWCCNQ=--SEE THAT for the official event details; this description (in this a relisting of the event) gives only missing & mostly-historic background so to better introduce the event.}
{MWC5OH=Domain name reg "Created On:05-Feb-1997 .."}
{MWC5EA=Updated monthly it appears}
{MWC5EW=Fails to keep prior content but Archive.Org's entry has has near full history, as far back as 1998.06.14.}}

{MWC65A=main meetings
{MWC6NP=Venue: has varied across Orange County}
{MWD71Y=Occurrence history re-listed here, in order:
{MWC693=Seemingly every month, seemingly Saturday ~10:00-1400, currently 3rd Saturday}
{MWC6ED=[Linux ]InstallFest featured at some Meetings

{MWC4ML=currently CSF McCarthy Hall (in Maps.Google) rm 606}
{MWD76I=2013.11.16Sat10:00-14:00 aka InstallFest as detailed at MWC6ED, and OCAndroid's 1st relisting}
{MWD7HW=2013.12.21Sat10:00-14:00(date guestimate) aka official details TBA}
{MWD7ZR=no others if this list has been maintained}
{MWD82L=all re-listings (once indexed)}
{MWC6OT=Mailing list
{MWC8L4=currently , where anyone can join automatically in minutes and it has a very nice threaded archive of messages plus quite active discussion indeed seems much group interaction takes place there, including with additional groups for both coding & stuff for sale; but unfortunately, unlike most of Meetup, the electronic group discussion is members-only (not public) and not in any search engines, making it much less likely to easily find past important discussion & content there.}}
{MWC5AU= says "OCLUG will be running a booth at ..SCALE 2x" which was 2003.11.22}

{MWC6OU=What are these codes as “MWC6OU” on this paragraph? They're short IDs to uniquely-reference, date-stamp, and portably-track most any point, item, or content.)}

{MWC4R4=Listing History
{MWC4RZ=I Destiny create this re-listing, from scratch, as soon as I heard of this 2013.11 meeting (tomorrow!), using latest ID coding style (with new features as outlining in plain-text); listing overview thread; pst2013.11.15Fri2005}
{MWCCZF=Mostly in response to Bill's feedback, added point MWCCNQ plus title text of MWC46S; pst2013.11.15Fri2159}
{MWCFCX=Added missing "MWCF62=summary" and subpoint MWCF72; pst2013.11.15Fri2232}
{MWCN37=MWC8L4: added significant details; pst2013.11.16Sat0119}
{MWCR8D=Per Nathan's post, updated title from q(via OCAndroid: OC Linux User Group general Meeting) to present;  pst2013.11.16Sat0247}
{MWD8I3="MWC65A=main meetings": reorganized chronologically including adding subpoint "MWD71Y=Occurrence history re-listed here, in order:" including all subpoints thru MWD82L; updated title from q(via OCAndroid: OC Linux User Group main meeting: Linux InstallFest!) to present:appending q( MWD76I) referring to this 1st instance; pst2013.11.16Sat0913}

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  • DestinyArchitect

    I would & plan to go when I can make it and am near by, but currently I'm in S.OC.

    November 15

    • DestinyArchitect

      Change my mind; now: I'LL GO IF I CAN FIND SOMEONE TO CARPOOL WITH. I have a vehicle and can drive or ride. I'd be leaving from S.OC ~9:30am from El Toro Rd & 5/405 freeways, as the In-and-Out Burger (right by the freeway exit, in the parking lot of the Laguna Hills Mall). Reply if possibly interested.

      November 15

    • DestinyArchitect

      *This thread's URL:­
      *Well this is a ~40min drive each way for me I haven't gotten any responses on carpooling :-(
      *But as I've already invested ~9 hours now on this & these OCLUG promos & re-listing and (though sleepy from that), got do a new Linux install on my laptop (though maybe next week, not ready now), want to develop a multi-boot USB distro for hand out at upcomig SCaLE and more, have some time time now
      *And while I've attended ~2 OCLUG meetings, and years of other Linux stuff, I've never been at an InstallFest
      *So I'M HEADING OUT TO ATTEND NOW, ETA ~11:00am, planning to stay to close, and bringing 30 extra bcards for nametags (as I mentioned at http://mailman.oclug....­ ) plus, in case needed, ~4 blank sign in&out (attendance) sheets.

      November 16

  • DestinyArchitect

    *Bill&Martin, I've finished the 1st version of this listing, "pst2013.11.15Fri2005"; please review now & Reply here with any comments, as I will email it out to the group in ~1.5hrs.

    November 15

    • DestinyArchitect

      *Martin, thanks for ur feedback.
      **Per this thread's title “THIS LISTING OVERALL”, u & everyone's overall listing review & edits go on this this thread, what u SMSed me: “Slight edit to fix end time to 2pm from 2 am. 11:42 PM” -thanks for the fix!
      **Ur attendance & event review belongs on its own thread for that; u cd repost that on its own thread and I (& perhaps others) will reply to it.
      *I never got the group email announcement I sent out (bad Meetup!) but fortunately Bill did & forwarded it to me: it went out at “10:18 PM” and with this preface.
      **And I see Nathan has seen it & kindly replied here!­

      November 16

    • DestinyArchitect

      ~7 hours ago, I announced these relistings-by-OCAndroid on the main “OCLUG” mailing list:
      *the series: [OCLUG] OCLUG.Org main meetings now promoted & re-listed on OCAndroid (& so also on Meetup)
      *this 1st occurrence: [Reply to ][OCLUG] Installfest meeting on Saturday, November 16th - please let everyone know http://mailman.oclug....­
      *-presently to access these links, one must be logged in with one's OCLUG mailing list account, which can be created for free in minutes: http://mailman.oclug....­ & pick one of the mailing lists.

      November 16

  • DestinyArchitect

    Fun related note: OCAndorid also relisted & promoted, for about a year, our member Nathan Haines­ 's UBUNTU HOUR OF LAKE FOREST
    **since that was also on local Linux
    **I attended about 8 of these and they were quite good, thanks to Nathan's hard work
    **indeed we relisted it for about a year, until it finally closed (“After 25 months meetings”,last done “Thursday, June 28, 2012, 6pm – 7pm”).
    **See all our listings at­

    November 16

  • Nathan Haines

    Thanks for for relisting tomorrow's OCLUG meeting! As mentioned, this month we have an installfest, and we'll be featuring Ubuntu. We've had interest by faculty members who have passed along the info to their students, so we're hoping for a good turnout. We'll take what we learn and apply it to a future installfest early next year.

    The flier that was posted and shared on campus is available here:­

    The QR code points to­ with specific details about the installfest.

    Feel free to bring a computer, or just yourself and your expertise to help out. While we're pushing Ubuntu, we're happy to help any user install any distro. We are not allowing the usual distro jokes or rivalry this meeting, however, to avoid scaring off new users.

    November 15

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  • DestinyArc­hitect
    of Laguna Hills; 2010.10.26- 179+RSVPs&98+attends; Head&~Founder, Organizer
    Event Host
  • Dave Leifer
    of Tustin; joined 2012.01.28; 0+RSVP,0+attend,beg dvpr;Linux fan
  • Nathan Haines
    of La Mirada;joined 2012.02.23;0+RSVP,0+attend;Ubuntu track Ldr1

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