Richard P. Hooper P.


Newport Beach, CA

Member since:

November 2, 2011


MFTRef MHRMVN: (1)HOW EXACTLY DID U HEAR OF US? -as web page URL u found us on(as search URL+query-string), or referrer's profile-URL+online-name; (2)WHAT ABOUT U&US CAUSED U TO APPLY TO JOIN US? Pls be exact as possible so we know what&whom 2credit.

I have a PhD in Computer Science from UCLA and I have a working knowledge of C++, Java, PHP, and some other languages that have long bit the dust. I'm a strong advocate of good architecture and object model design. I love great graphics, but, alas, I was not gifted as an artist. I have an eye for beauty and great design. I am a down-to-earth guy without attitude nor any pretense, so connect with me and let's see how we might stimulate each other to achieve something of world significance.

MFTApp: What type of apps would you like to build as a team?

I'm open to collaboration. I have a background in AI and am intrigued by the automatic generation of high-value/significant intelligence from multiple raw data sources.

MFTLng: What computer languages are you experienced with?

I have experience in FORTRAN, COBOL, PL-1, Pascal, C, Simula-67 (the precursor to all object oriented languages), APL, C++, Java, Javascript, PHP, ... As a young TA at UCLA, I used to teach am undergraduate comparative languages class. At this point in life, I still need to lookup the syntax now and then. Object/operator overloading, dynamic/static storage allocation, by value, by reference, etc. all concepts I understand and can work with. Ironically today, I'm working a lot with the Microsoft Office Object Model and good old Visual Basic for Applications.

MFTITB: Please describe your I.T. background and your general background.

I'm not an IT person. I am a product developer. I can probably set up your router and local network, set up your secure certificates for Microsoft Windows, but I just don't have my heart into it.

MFWPic: DOES YOUR MAIN/FEATURED PICTURE(on this ur group-profile) MEET STANDARD --REQUIRED at all times so required be a member & attend. OR IF u've good reason for a waiver(possible but granted rarely), please tell it here.

I am using my Facebook profile picture for now.... I think it qualifies in having a full face, nose, eyes, mouth, .... I hope it was alright that I did it in sepia and threw in a cigar. I probably have another pic or two if that's not OK.


Hi - I'm Richard and I'm a technologist. I'm a seasoned software developer and intrigued with mobile apps and cloud computing. My contact information is at http://www.techim...­

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